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28th Feb 2020

National Leprechaun Museum giving 29-year-olds free entry this weekend

Sarah Finnan

29-year-olds can get in free to the Leprechaun Museum for the leap year

The news you never knew you needed.

I’m sure we all know that 2020 is a leap year by now, but in case you didn’t… SURPRISE.

Leap years occur every four years, making the month of February 29 days instead of 28 when they do. To celebrate the extra day, the National Leprechaun Museum will be giving 29-year-olds free entry on any day time tour this Saturday.

Explaining the thought process behind the idea, the guys at the National Leprechaun Museum had this to say:

“This Saturday is February 29th, Leap Day, and we at the National Leprechaun Museum are thinking about big leaps…

Like when you try to get off a giant chair, avoid an enormous puddle on a rainy day, or bigger leaps, like wondering what “adulting” is to suddenly being a Proper Adult. How does that happen?

Our brains are still growing until we reach around 30 years old. Science calls this neuroplasticity, we call it growing up. That means you still get to be a big kid at 29! You can’t help it – it’s your brain.

So before you make the big leap to adulthood… This Saturday 29th February, all 29-year-olds get FREE admission to the museum on a daytime tour!”

You just have to be 29 on the 29th – show you ID and you’re in. Simples.

Inside you’ll discover all manner of interesting things as you explore spaces like the Rainbow, Forest and Fairie Fort.

Tours run from 10.30am to 5.30pm every day, exploring Irish folklore and mythology through storytelling – with each one lasting around 45 minutes. You can find the National Leprechaun Museum on Jervis Street right by the Luas stop.

Fingers crossed you find a pot of gold.

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