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Not Yet Registered To Vote? Trinity College Is Hosting A Registration Drive Today

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The referendum is fast approaching and whatever your stance, it is vital to use your vote.

The deadline to register to vote on the 8th amendment is May 8th, but forms must be posted by May 4th. If you’re a last minute Nelly and you’re stressed about whether or not you’ll get the time to do all the paperwork – Trinity College got you. 

The university will be hosting a Voter Registration Drive this afternoon to help people register themselves to vote. All you need is a form of ID, ideally a passport or drivers licence.

The event will be running from:

-Arts Block: 1pm-2:30pm

-Hamilton: 2:30pm-4pm

There will be a Garda on hand to sign the forms and Trinity will post them off for you free-of-charge as well.

To learn more click here

Use your vote!

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