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05th Aug 2022

NOW announce “Ah, Hear NOW” podcast stage at Electric Picnic

Fiona Frawley

With a packed lineup featuring some of Ireland’s top podcasters.

Stradbally-bound podcast fans are in for a treat as Hold My Drink with Charlene and Ellie joins acts such as Stall It with Darren and Joe at this year’s Electric Picnic. 

Formerly known as “Ah, Hear”, the stage has boasted some of the greatest podcast talent from Ireland and beyond and now makes its return after a two year hiatus for… obvious reasons.. with its new partner, NOW. Just as the Spice Girls foresaw, 2 have become 1 and the “Ah, Hear NOW” podcast stage has been born, promising entertaining, unique and unmissable performances for festival goers. The coming together of well-known, established podcast talent with up-and-coming acts will bring with it a weekend of diverse opinions, exciting discussions and hot takes for everyone to enjoy. 

Lineup highlights include Blindboy Boatclub, The David McWilliams Podcast, Three Castles Burning, Where is My Mind?, The Group Chat, Stall It, Talking Bollocks, Chancers and Hold My Drink, with many more still to be announced. With discussions on everything from politics to sport and comedy to economics, these people talking are sure to get people talking. If you catch my drift. 

Just like its predecessor, the “Ah, Hear NOW” podcast stage will hold court in the MindField Arena, fondly known as EP’s pulsing brain for its smorgasbord of cultural giants such as the Leviathan Tent, the Manifesto Stage, the Theatre Stage, the Word Stage and Puball Gaeilge.

Amidst the hectic-ness of securing the perfect camping spot and rounding up the posse in time for your favourite main stage act, an afternoon of thought-provoking discussions, big laughs and witty analysis at MindField is definitely in order.

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