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29th Jul 2021

Our top picks for the Dublin Fringe 2021

Fiona Frawley

Nature is healing and theatre, comedy and music are making their presence felt in Dublin once again.

It can’t be said enough, you love to see it.

If you’ve been itching to get back to a bitta culture you’ve probably already stalked the Dublin Fringe website, dutifully marking off every show and installation you’ll be making it your business to attend. If you’re not quite there yet and looking for a bit of guidance, we’ve rounded up some of the bits we’re dying to see over the next few weeks.

1. Abundance by Beth Hayden and Matthew Bratko

If you were ever lucky enough to catch Beth in their Glitter Hole days in Jigsaw, you’ve probably already made it a priority to see Abundance. Beth and Matthew promise to take you on a ‘damn journey’ with this interactive show, you’ll even be added into a whatsapp group for the show three days prior. Abundance is an “ode to queer joy, resilience, community, and the power of a good party”. So if you’ve been missing the sesh and like shows with fun, interactive bits and bobs to discover, get yourself a ticket.

2. Autistic License by Ian Lynam

Even in the midst of a panny D, Ian is a rising star of the Irish comedy scene. His new show explores the world of neurodiversity and the diagnosis, relationships, sexuality, creativity and history of autism. Ian’s ready to prove to us that “autistic people have more to offer than being good at maths”, but can he prove it to himself? Find out here.

3. Dublin 8, Yer Lookin’ Great by Emmalene Blake

You’ll know Emmalene from her iconic murals we’ve seen popping up around Dublin over the past year or so (the coronaviiiiiiirus homage to Cardi B that even Cardi herself loved, the Wee Lesbian dedication to celebrate this year’s Pride, the list goes on). For this fringe piece the artist asked local school children what makes Dublin 8 great, and to share the positive changes in the area that have made life better for them and their friends. This is a free event, and you can find out more here.

4. Joanne McNally Live

You could hardly miss this one. Joanne has well and truly smashed the glass comedy ceiling by selling out an unbelievable TEN (10) nights at Vicar Street (for any non-comedy fans reading, that doesn’t happen, like EVER) and her podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me with Vogue Williams has been top of the pod charts pretty much since it started back in April. Basically if you have the chance to see her, do it.

5. Tonic by Fionn Foley and Rough Magic

A musical glimpse into the magical world of the year 2047, which takes place in the ambient surroundings of the Dublin Castle Gardens. Fionn’s latest play is a ‘blisteringly satirical’ look at the times we’re living in, and you’re going to love it. Get tickets here.

Header image via Instagram/Ian Lynam 

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