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PSA: There Is A Sausage Dog Social Club In Dublin And It’s Too ADORABLE

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If there is one thing that brings a unanimous smile to the faces of Dublin locals it’s cute dogs, right? It’s even more so the case when it’s a Dachshund.

These short-legged, long-bodied hounds are beyond adorable. We want to pet them all.

A few backs, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and I came across one of the most quirky and most adorable meet-ups I’ve ever seen. There on my phone screen was a video of a pack of sausage dogs running around one of my favourite café’s in Dublin, Pot Bellied Pig. This was not the only time such an event has taken place, in fact, there has been a tonne of social outings.

Say hello to Sausage Dog Social! 


Each month, Dachshund owners all over the country gather together to walk their dogs.

Dachshunds are typically quite a shy breed so this is a great way for them to make friends and play. It’s also a great excuse for their owners to socialise and have the craic together.

The attendees come in every shape colour and size – long haired, short haired, mini, regular, black and tan, light, redheads, dappled, puppies and old dogs.

Even if you don’t own a sausage dog, wannabes are also welcome!

The last meetup was a 5k walk around the Phoenix Park.

Doesn’t this sound like a real-life dream?

I’ve never needed a sausage dog more!

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