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08th Oct 2019

Six Spooky Events Happening In Dublin This Halloween

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner.

It’s one of those annual events that I always seem to plan at the last minute, thus resulting in a shite weekend with 0 craic potential.

If you’re in the same boat, or on the same broomstick – not to worry, I’ve compiled a list of the spookiest events happening over the next few weeks to get you in the festive mood.

1. Bram Stoker Festival

The Bram Stoker Festival returns this October Bank Holiday weekend and food and literature lovers are in for a special treat with Bite of Dublin Walking Food Tour, a unique opportunity to explore Dublin’s food scene with specially created dishes inspired by Bram Stoker.

This tour will tell tales of Stoker’s life in the city, the inspiration behind many of his early writings and lesser-known stories of Stoker’s life, all while sinking your teeth into specially developed culinary treats at two of the fang-tastic eateries from the tour: 

Seafood Café: Niall Sabongi’s sister to Klaw Café in Temple Bar is one of Dublin’s best fresh seafood bars. Niall and his team will treat guests to a creative seafood dish called “When I Was Six” inspired by an essay by Stoker which references childhood and the sea. There will also be Crab Toast with a Bloody Mary to sip on.

Loose Canon: Wine and cheese shop serving up inventive local dishes, artisan cheese and natural wines. Loose Canon will dish out a creative plate inspired by one of Bram’s earlier novels.

2. Ghostbus Tour

Climb on board the spookiest Ghostbus in Dublin and be transported into a world of terrifying tales, horrible histories and all the gruesome gory secrets of our fair city. 

They have recently launched a new tour specifily for kids so it’s ideal for family get-togethers.

 DoDublin’s own terrifying professional actors will take you along for a mystifying journey that will keep you in a state of unease. Be driven back in time to the creepy chronicles of Dracula, hear the magical myths of Yeats and Wilde and experience the devil’s presence at the Pepper Canister Church.

3. The Exorcist

A spine-tingling live production of The Exorcist, based on the best-selling novel by William Peter Blatty will take place in Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre 29th October – 2nd November.

Widely considered the scariest movie of all time, the film adaptation of The Exorcist sparked unprecedented worldwide controversy when it was released in cinemas in 1973. Winner of two Academy Awards, William Friedkin’s masterpiece saw audiences petrified to the point of passing out and went on to become one of the top ten highest-grossing films of all time. Now, 45 years after its release, fans of the film and theatre alike get to experience a visually astounding, intelligent and thrilling theatrical experience.

Inspired by true events, this devilishly thrilling tale has been adapted for stage by John Pielmeier and directed by Sean Mathias, featuring the voice of Ian McKellen as the Demon.

Tickets from €21 are on sale now.

4. The Nightmare Realm

The Nightmare Realm, one of the most iconic Halloween scare attractions will run from October 4th to November 1st at the RDS Dublin.
Not for the faint-hearted, the extreme walk-through horror experience will blur the lines between fear, laughter and disgust, with this year’

Designed by the self-confessed warped mind of creative visionary Karl O’Connor, he explains the background to this year’s show:

“This year’s show is all about that age-old fable of meeting the devil at a crossroads to make a deal and of course it never goes to plan. Our individual maze storylines are all based on people who made a deal with the devil and are now twisted by the consequences. The main characters that I have created for this year are more relatable than ever before and are based on real life people. In today’s modern world real fear is based more in reality and these days all monsters are human.”

Tickets available here

5. Opium Screenings

Opium will be delivering a healthy dose of 90’s nostalgia this Halloween with screenings of two of our favourite scare-tastic flicks in the beautiful (roofed!) Botanical Garden.

On Monday the 28th they will be showing The Craft, complete with popcorn and a pint or bottle of Bulmers included in the ticket price of €12.

On the 29th of October, I Know What You Did Last Summer will be screening and guests will be treated to a delish Halloween themed Tanqueray 10 Gin Cocktail and plenty of popcorn to munch your way through the night.

Opium will also be offering an exclusive Halloween themed cocktail menu from the 25th of October to the 3rd of November with a selection of ghoulish but glorious cocktails and at €10 a pop.

6. Danse Macabre Halloween’s Monster Ball

Ireland’s most glamorous Halloween party is back. The beautiful and the damned will rise again for Danse Macabre: Halloween’s Monster Ball at the RDS Concert Hall on October 27th at 8pm. .

For one night only, the grand Concert Hall becomes a haunted house with a touch of the cirque du freak. Your hosts — the divine temptress and dancefloor slayer, Bonnie Boux, and the prince of all things unholy, Beelzebub, will lead you through a party that mixes live music, DJs, dance, variety, immersive performances, cabaret and the occasional sacrifice.

Play old carnival and Halloween games, find out your future at Madam Mim’s fortune booth, try your hand at karaoke and try not to be caught by the Brides of Dracula.

This is an alternative Halloween extravaganza and strictly fancy-dress.

Tickets are €40 and you can book them here.

Looks like Halloween doesn’t need to be grim!