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28th Oct 2019

‘The Craft’ is being shown in Opium tonight along with Halloween cocktails

James Fenton

Halloween week is officially here and for all the teachers out there, that means the sweetest combination words in the English language… mid-term break.

When those in the profession aren’t busy educating our future leaders, they can actually enjoy a midweek night out without the guilt. Of course, given that it’s spooky season, that privilege isn’t just limited to teachers and we all should be able to enjoy a night out or two over Halloween. With that in mind, tonight seems like a great opportunity to do so.

Over on Wexford Street, Opium will be screening a cult horror classic in the form of The Craft. Upon its 1996 release, the movie captivated audiences with its supernatural tale of four teenage girls who dabble in a bit of witchcraft, leading to all kinds of negative repercussions that they frankly should have been more aware of.

The movie was very much a springboard for the career of horror queen Neve Campbell and has since gone on to achieve cult status. Tonight, it will be screened in Opium’s Botanical Garden along with Halloween-themed cocktails and popcorn while those who are bit more on the hungry side will be able to avail of Pan-Asian cuisine and a glass of wine for just €20.

Not a bad little Bank Holiday Monday night in store. If it tickles your fancy, you can gather the coven and book your spot here.

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