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31st Oct 2019

The Lighthouse has a great selection of scary movies this Halloween night

James Fenton

“Do you like scary movies?”

An innocent enough question in normal circumstances but when it comes from a stranger on the other end of your landline, it might be time to lock the doors. This is a piece of advice that Drew Barrymore’s character could have done with in the opening scene of 1996 slasher movie Scream, before she became the first victim of the Woodsboro murderer (or murderers – no spoilers).

I mean, look at this clip and tell us you wouldn’t have hung up the phone and called the Gardaí immediately…

The flick has been on an interesting journey since its release. Combining traditional suspense with elements of self-deprecation around the horror genre, it was well-received by movie fans who enjoyed the cheesy dialogue as much as they loved the moments that had them jumping from their cinema seats. It has since gone on to become a great rewatch with its all-star cast and stellar soundtrack being a great throwback to an era when teen movies and pop-punk music were on the rise.

Well, this Halloween evening you’ll get to relive it all as The Lighthouse screens the Wes Craven classic as part of a great line-up of movies this evening. Scream will kick off at 9pm and will be preceded by 1997’s I Know What You Did Last Summer, very much Scream‘s kid brother, at 6.45pm.

Before all that, Halloween favourite Hocus Pocus will be on at 4.30pm and if you happen to have the early afternoon off, you can catch The Mummy at 1.45pm.

Of course, you could just scratch off the whole day and get comfy with all four films. If you do in fact like scary movies, that is.

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