005 The L list - 5 things we're Lovin in Dublin this week

By Lovin Media

January 6, 2022 at 12:15pm


There's not a hell of a lot to be lovin in Dublin at the moment, with the 8pm curfew and everyone and their mother seemingly isolating at the minute.

With our resident-funny maker Fiona away, I've stepped into the breach and tried to find five things to be cheerful about in Dublin this week.

5. Lunches out

In this never-ending month where payday appears to get up and leap further across the calendar every time you look at it, buying lunches out isn't always a great option. But since there's literally nothing else to do and our access to daylight lies between the hours of 10am and 3pm, really the only thing to bring any joy into this post-capitalist fever dream we are all living in is to buy some lunch.

Caesar salad from Riggers

4. Using leftovers

The only good thing about Christmas being over as far as I can see is the number of leftovers on the go. All the cheeses your mam bought in Dunnes, the cranberry sauce, and the frozen croquette potatoes can all be used to create some truly nice dishes. Plus there's nothing like the prospect of things going off to turn you into a contestant off Ready, Steady, Cook.

3. Booking stuff

With nothing to do in January, it's probably a good time to plan. Booking restaurants that are on your list, experiences that you haven't gotten around to organising yet, and doing the general life admin that you've been putting off for the past two years. I've managed to nab a booking for Library Street and it honestly made my January at least 1.7% better.

2. Fallons being a bit gas

I'm potentially falling straight into the lap of a guerilla marketing campaign here but over the last few days, Fallons of Dublin 8 has been pretty gas on social media. Someone from Dublin Liberties Distillery posted up a sign that read "Help stuck inside with whiskey" and urged onlookers to send them in a toastie from their neighbors in Fallons. The team from Fallons happily obliged and delivered the distillery, toasties, a pint, and a packet of King crisps for good measure. "Mission accomplished," the team from Fallons wrote, "now they must go forth and tour guide the bejaysus out of that wonderful distillery".

1. The Hungry Games

Ever-with their finger on the pulse the Goats Gruff out in Dublin 20 have launched The Hungry Games. All week they are running a competition for "covid isolators" to win sambos and coffees delivered straight to their door. Followers can also tag their friends and family that are isolating and enter them in to win (I'm sure we all have someone in mind that we could be tagging).

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