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13th May 2022

10 Dublin spots for an iced drink if coffee isn’t your thang

Katy Thornton

In the wise words of Kevin Gnapoor, don’t let the haters stop you from doing your thang.

It’s iced coffee season, but what about those (unfortunate) people who just aren’t coffee fans? Not to worry, there’s a ton of iced beverages in Dublin for you to drink this summer, perfect for those people that coffee just doesn’t do it for. I cannot personally relate, but I got you with the below bevvys.

Nick’s Coffee

Location: Ranelagh

If you’re in the mood for an iced drink, why not check out Nick’s? Even though coffee is in the name, Nick’s is now doing a seasonal iced peach tea to quench your thirst on hot days.

Bibi’s Café

Locations: Dún Laoghaire & Portobello

Whether you’re spending a sunny day by the pier or in town, both Bibi’s Café locations are concocting some delicious iced bevvys for the soaring temperatures (or as soaring as it gets in Ireland anyway).

Urban Health

Location: Ranelagh

Something I didn’t realise for a stupidly long time was that there is no coffee in a matcha latte (how the bright green colour didn’t give it away I’ll never know). This Shrek coloured drink also comes iced at Urban Health, perfect if you’re heading over with some pals.

Soup 2

Location: Smithfield

Soup 2, known for their alcoholic beverages and creative cocktails, also do a fabulous iced slushee in Rooibos lemon zest flavour. Something a bit different for those hot summer days.

H&T Coffee

Location: Liffey Street

While this spot also has a wide range of iced coffee variations, ideal for those friends who can’t do without their caffeine, they also have some non-coffee options, incluting a virgin spritz, iced tea, iced chai, and a juicy pour over (pictured left in the below photo).


Location: Ashtown House

Slushies have landed at Tinbox Coffee in time for the change in weather, in raspberry or strawberry flavour.

The Local

Location: Ballybogan Business Centre

Dublin 11 locals can avail of an iced OJ at The Local if coffee just isn’t the vibe. And while you’re there you should probably check out their battered Mars Bar because these delicacies are few and far between in Dublin.

Bump & Grind

Location: Ballyfermot

Bump and Grind serves smoothies that are fruity and vegan friendly. While the coffee heads call this iced coffee season, Bump and Grind calls it smoothie season, and you can choose between Tropical Popical or Strawberry Sunrise. Whatever tickles your fancy.

Froth Coffee

Location: Drimnagh

Bubble tea enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that Froth Coffee has started serving it at their Drimnagh branch. Choose between their milky bubble tea or their Ribena Boba when you need an iced drink to keep you hydrated.

Cosy Bean

Location: Churchtown

The Cosy Bean (one of my personal favourite cafés in all of Dublin) does an iced hot chocolate. Yes, that may sound like an oxymoron, or basically just like chocolate milk, but they are delicious and well worth a try.

So iced coffee isn’t your thing. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. As you can see, plenty of Dublin businesses understand and are more than happy to offer a different kind of iced drink.

Header image via Instagram/nickscoffeecompany

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