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05th Mar 2017

11 Dangerous Treats Worth Breaking Lent For In Dublin


Let’s face it, the most satisfying thing about Lent is breaking it. 

It’s a mixed feeling of guilt and pride knowing that you have come so far without even a single digestive biscuit. 

So after you 5 days of hard work you deserve to have a look at all the best treats that Dublin has to offer, just incase you decide to go off the edge. After all, one won’t hurt, right?!

1. Banoffee Autopsy @ Aungier Danger

It’d be rude to begin this list without mentioning the ultimate ‘dangerous’ treats from Aungier Danger

Our favourite will forever be the Banoffee Autopsy. It’s a dream.


2. Rocky Road @ Scumdiddly’s

The Rocky Road at Dun Laoghaire’s undisputed ice-cream champ (sorry Teddy’s!) will always be a reason to break your Lenten pact. 

The combination of Oreo, marshmallow, melted Cadbury’s and homemade rocky road is the stuff that dreams are made of. Although, beware — the queues at Scrumdiddly‘s usually stretch to the end of the west pier but it’s totally worth the wait.


3. Oreo Milkshake @ Sweet Republic, Bachelors Walk

Promised you would juice for 40 days and 40 nights? 

That’s grand, cos the Oreo milkshake from Dublin’s Sweet Republic counts as juice, swear! 


4. The Cold S’mores @ Peruke & Periwig

No alcohol? No sweets? Well two wrongs certainly make a right in this case… 

Peruke & Periwig’s ‘The Cold S’mores’ including P&P marshmallow infused Absolut Vodka, Créme de Cacao, Kahlua, cream and toasted marshmallows is absolutely magnificent. 

This cocktail is enough to turn the most devout Catholic off the deep end.

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5. The Traditional @ Lemon Crepe & Coffee Co.

The cruelest part about Lent is rediscovering your love of pancakes on a glorious Tuesday, to then have everything sweet taken away from you the following day. 

This year prevent this by hopping into Lemon and having what you’ve been truly craving.


6. Brioche French Toast @ Union Cáfe

Union Cáfe in Mount Merrion has well established itself as a serious brunch contender. 

This Brioche French Toast served with Nutella and caramelised bananas is to die for.


7. Nutella Pizza @ Platform Pizza, Bray

Nutella on a pizza. Can’t really go wrong to be honest… 

Although technically not in Dublin, Platform Pizza is well worth a visit for this sweet sweet pizza.


8.   Cinnamon Buns @ Simon’s Place

You can’t beat a classic. For years now the cinnamon buns at Simon’s Place have been sought after by any self-respecting Dubliner.


9. Brother’s Hot Chocolate @ Brother Hubbard

If Dublin’s number one hot chocolate isn’t a good excuse to break Lent, then we don’t know what is. 

Positively dreamy.


10. Cronuts @ Krüst Bakery

What some may consider a fad, cronuts are here to stay and we’re only delira about it. Anyone in the know will tell you that Krüst is the only place to get your cronut fix.


11. A Dairy Milk and a cup of tea

At the end of the day, nothing will ever really beat a Dairy Milk and a cup of tea to put your chocolate cravings to bed.


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