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27th Mar 2018

11 Nifty Makeup Bag Bits You Can Get From Penneys Right Now

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

If you follow our Tried & Tested series, you’ll know that I am obsessed with the weird, wacky and wonderful beauty products that Penneys has to offer. I often find myself buying things I never thought I needed, nor had I ever even imagined existed.

Here are some quirky but helpful bits you can fill your makeup bag with right now:

1. Makeup Sponge Cleaner

There’s nothing worse than a brown, matted sponge – Now it’ll look good as new!

Img 9243

2. These Gorge Brushes 

You can never have too many makeup brushes, let’s be honest. 

Img 9247

3. Primer Water

So your makeup will stay looking flawless

Img 9250

4. Nail Colour Chart

You can put every colour you own on this, the stress of trying to envision if colours will match or not is now in the past. 

Img 9251

5. Eyelash Applicator 

Putting on fake eyelashes is literally harder than higher-level Leaving Cert Maths tbh. 


Img 9254

6. False Nail Tip Clipper

When you get your nails done they are at the perfect length, but a week or two passes and they are just that little bit too long. If you’re not ready to let them go just yet, this clippers can cut them down ever so slightly. Just file them up and you’re good to go! 

Img 9255

7. Brow Stencils 

In every shape and size so you can find your perfect brow (and have them look the exact same every day).

Img 9257

8. Eyeshadow Covers

To prevent that under-eye ash after blending like hell. 

Img 9258

9. Bright Night Whitening Strips

So you can have the perfect smile for your Insta feed. 

Img 9259

10. Facial Cleansing Pad 

To help give your face a good scrub in the morning. 

Img 9263

11. Blocked Pore Remover

A.k.a a pimple popper. If you’re like me and you adore squeezing spots this nifty device is a dream come true. 

Img 9265

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