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04th Dec 2018

12 Pubs In Dublin That Aren’t Doing ’12 Pubs’ And Will Refuse A Big Group Coming In

Darragh Berry

The 12 pubs is a bit like marmite. Nobody sits on the fence when it comes to the discussion of swamping 12 drinks in 6 hours.

You’re either a massive fan of it or you think that anybody who partakes in the Christmas tradition is a dope.

And everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s coming from someone who relishes the challenge of making it to the last pub unharmed and relatively sober-ish.

So you know what side of the fence I firmly stand on.

But whatever about mine or your opinion, the opinion of the publican probably matters the most.

It’s their right to refuse whoever they want, especially if not-refusing them would mean losing regular customers for the rest of the year.

We decided to do a bit of research and find out what pubs would be refusing 12 pub groups or big groups in general in December.

So, if you want to have 12 quiet pints over December in your own sort of unique ’12 pubs’, this is a list for you.

No but seriously, don’t even come close to these pubs if there’s more than 10 of ye, especially if you have a Christmas jumper on.

John Fallon’s – The Capstan Bar:

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#sunday 25.11.2018

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“Given the size of our establishment we try to avoid large groups that may upset the cosiness of the bar for our regular customers.”

The Dawson Lounge:

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Dublin’s smallest #pub #dublin #ireland

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Walsh’s Stoneybatter:

“No we are not participating in “12 pubs” and we haven’t do so for a number of years.”

The Thomas House:

“No we aren’t allowing 12 pubs official , same as most years. We will look at them on case by case basis but as a rule we are too small to take in that volume of people at once. It also disrupts our regular customers.”

The Swan Bar:

“We don’t cater for the 12 pubs of Christmas and have not gone so for many years.”

57 The Headline:

“We don’t allow 12 pubs groups, never have. And we get stick for it every year, except from our regulars who love it.”

The Old Stand:

“I can tell you that The Old Stand and Davy Byrnes don’t allow 12 pubs of Christmas”

Davy Byrnes:

“It’s just not worth it. A group of people who could be on their 10th/11th pint can disrupt a nice atmosphere which has been building throughout the evening.

“Many are drinking at a faster pace than usual in order to keep up with others. It’s just not beneficial in the long run.”

The Long Hall:

The Long Hall 12 Pubs

“No, out of respect for our regulars, due to the layout of our premises and the nature of our business we do not cater for 12 pubs groups at The Long Hall.


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Gravediggers, Glasnevin

They accept 12 pubs on very rare occasions, as in if one group comes in, but if there’s a scatter of ye, ye will be ran out the door.

But they’re normally not to bothered about this as it is “off the beaten track.”


“Certainly not… very reluctant to allow anything along those lines.

“These groups can be very disruptive, We are more about the comfort of our customers.”

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