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20th Dec 2016

18 Killer Dublin Dishes That You Have To Try During This Heatwave


There’s just nothing like summer to put us all in a good mood.

The only thing that makes the warm weather better is some amazing food – and a few sneaky beverages. I spend most of my time reviewing and visiting restaurants eating out about 10 times per week, and I wanted to come up with the ultimate list of foods you have to try this summer.

Don’t do them all in one go (obv) but make sure you do get through the list. Why? Because they’re all awesome…

1. Weekend BBQ – Fallon And Byrne Dun Laoghaire

They’ve had an amazing shop in town – and not only have they recreated that out in the People’s Park, but they also do amazing BBQs. Nothing screams summer more than a BBQ!


2. Butternut Squash Eggs With Chili Yoghurt – Bibis

Brunch menus are predictable and tend to feature the same dishes – but this is something totally different and exciting. Bonus marks for it being available all week!


3. Cheeseburger – Bunsen Temple Bar

Having one Bunsen in town was great, but a second one has opened and it’s every bit as good as the original.

Nothing better with an ice cold beer or a shake before a big night out.


4. Salt caramel popcorn – Taco Taco

There are desserts and then there is this masterpiece.

I mean, just look at the feckin’ thing!


5. Chia Porridge And Green Juice – Alchemy BT2

Summer is all about being healthy, eating well and getting the body into shape – and eating in Alchemy is one of the only times when super healthy food actually tastes amazing.


6. Duck Sausage Muffin – Super Miss Sue

The chefs in here are always inventive and pushing new ideas. Sounds unusual but has to be tasted to be fully appreciated.


7. A Classic Pizza – Osteria Lucio

Ross Lewis is one of the best chefs in town and when he took over Pizza E Porchette he took something good and made it great. A simple plain pizza here is a thing of pure joy.


8. Fish And Chips – Fish Shop

Started off as a small market stall in Blackrock (which is still there) but their new home in Smithfield is an absolute joy. Perfection on every level.


9. Seafood Broth – Bread And Bones

New on the scene and already drawing a big crowd for their clean Asian cooking. Their broths are superb and the seafood one is to die for.


10. Mexican Street Food Salad – Staple Foods

I normally cringe when I think about having to eat a salad but this is like a proper meal. Fresh, innovative and leaves you feeling healthy and full.


11. Oysters And Guinness – The Old Spot

An absolute classic of a dish; there’s no better way to spend a Sunday than reading the paper and with a couple of dozen of these bad boys.


12. Sushi Platter And Wine For Two – Yamamori, Ormond Quay

A great deal in this slick Japanese joint that costs just €50. You get to taste a little bit of everything and the quality is always off the charts.


13. Sashimi – Taste @ Rustic Stone

The latest addition to Dylan McGrath’s empire. They’ve been testing dishes for the last few months and their produce is a notch above anything else in the city. Incredible experience.


14. Afternoon Tea – Mayfield, Terenure

A quirky room with a perfect garden for eating in outside. Their afternoon tea is an absolute delight – treat yourself!


15. Roast Chicken Hamper – Poulet Bonne Femme

They’ve been doing amazing sandwiches for a couple of years but their roast chicken hamper takes things to another level. Awesome drinks, roast chicken, bread and strawberries.


16. Scallops – The Bay

An incredible place to sit when the sun shines with one of the best views of Dublin you’ll ever see. Have their scallops and you have a perfect Dublin summer’s day!


17. Salt Beef Eggs With Organic Kale – Slice Cafe

Stoneybatter just keeps on throwing up amazing restaurants and cafes and Slice is right up there. Brunch at the weekend with one of their famous fresh juices is the way to go!


18. Froyo – Yogism

Nothing beats having a desert that tastes amazing and is also good for you… load up on the fruit and sit out on Drury Street and you’ll be high on life!