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19th Jun 2024

5 Palestinian owned spots to support in Dublin

Tara Catlett

(Support them now and always)

Eid-ul-Adha commenced this weekend on Sunday 16th June. It is the second biggest festival for Muslims, and celebrations involve seeing family and friends, praying and eating great food together. Eid-ul-Adha translates to Festival of Sacrifice and encourages Muslims to reflect on the importance of sacrifice and service to others. During Eid, it has become a tradition for Muslims to donate money to charities or those in need. With the ongoing genocide in Gaza, millions of Palestinians are unable to spend time and share feasts with their loved ones the way they usually do, and now more than ever the people of Palestine need to be supported and met with the compassion that Eid-ul-Adha teaches.

If you are interested in supporting Palestine but are not sure where to start, check out these incredible Palestinian-owned food businesses, where you won’t just be showing solidarity to Palestinians, but also getting a glimpse into their rich culture and cuisine.

5. Umi Falafel

Various locations, more info click here

With 3 branches already established in Dublin, and locations in Cork and Belfast too, not much has to be said to persuade you that this place is worth a visit. They have an impressively extensive menu, offering food for both the slightly peckish and the absolutely ravenous. Each Umi spot is extremely child-friendly, and caters to all sorts of dietary restrictions, from celiacs to vegans. Authenticity is at the heart of their food, with all their sauces made in-house daily, their bread freshly baked and all pickles and salads made using their family recipe. With outstanding flavours and affordable pricing (even featuring in our cheap eats series), it’s a no-brainer why this is one of the favourite lunch spots of the Dub City suits population.

4. Shaku Maku

192 Rathmines Road Lower, Dublin 6, more info here

Shaku Maku’s website states their speciality is “Middle Eastern soul food, with a focus on a warm, fun & inviting dining space”. Between their welcoming hospitality and the Arabic-infused decor, if you’re looking for an authentic Palestinian experience – this is a must. From manakeesh (a flatbread typically eaten for breakfast and brunch), to charcoal grilled skewers to knafeh for dessert, you can hit up Shaku Maku at any time of the day and find yourself something delicious and filling to eat.

This proudly Palestinian business has also been very vocal about their support for Palestine during the ongoing genocide, hosting charity events in their restaurant. Keep a close eye on their socials to be the first to know about any other aid events they’re holding!

3. Kanafeh Kingz

Greenhills Road, Dublin 24, more info here

Anas Khaled came up with the idea of Kanafeh Kingz at the beginning of the pandemic. Since then, he has opened up his own food truck dedicated to providing truly Palestinian culture to Ireland. The Palestinian dessert business focuses on simplicity, using recipes directly from family to keep the utmost authenticity in its treats. The truck also provides other homemade desserts, as well as a range of beverages, like coffees, teas and Sahlab, a traditional hot sweetened milk that they offer with toppings like cinnamon and pistachio.

Kanafeh Kingz has also taken part in charity fundraisers for Palestine and is one to watch if you’re looking for other ways to support.

2. Bethlehem

3 Wynnefield Road, Dublin 6, more info here

Another Rathmines resident, Bethlehem has gained positive attention from several Irish news outlets since opening in 2021. The restaurant is decorated with art and photos designed to make customers feel as though they were actually eating in Palestine, with a menu to match too. Owner Ihab Salah said they regularly check with their mother to make sure their dishes are being prepared authentically, as well as sourcing their spices directly from Palestine. After tasting what Bethlehem has to offer, it will be hard to go back to that bog-standard Tesco hummus.

1. Zaatar

George’s Street Arcade, Dublin 2, more info here

Another restaurant smack bang in the middle of town, Zaatar offers an affordable taste of Palestine. Combining Middle Eastern heritage with local familiar favourites, Zaatar pizza is not one to miss. The restaurant offers something for everyone – for the less adventurous perhaps a margherita pizza, but for those with a wild side the chicken musakhan pizza (topped with sumac pulled chicken, seven types of spices and pomegranate seeds!) might grab you. They also have a whole variety of Manakeesh, which are flatbreads served with either a zaatar & olive oil mixture or a special 3 cheese blend made of Cypriot halloumi, Italian fior di latte and Palestinian akkawi cheese.

If we’ve missed any other Palestinian-owned businesses? Give us a shout on [email protected]

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