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05th Jun 2024

5 LGBTQ+ inclusive events to be aware of this Pride month

Tara Catlett

From open-mic poetry to a kinky Renaissance-themed club night, there’s something for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community this Pride (even the most promiscuous poets!)

If you’re like us you’ll agree that June crept up way too quickly this year, and while many of us are still shuddering from St. Patrick’s Day, it’s about time we start gearing up for Pride. If you also get overstimulated at the mere thought of O’Connell Street during the Pride parade, and are similarly appalled by the Pride merch sold by chain retailers each year, we’ve got you covered with a list of 5 LGBTQ+ inclusive events to celebrate queerness this month.

The best part about this list is the creators of each of these events have LGBTQ+ inclusivity at their core, so you can keep celebrating queer love all year long! With that being said, let’s get into it.

5. Foxgluv Presents: Bianca Oblivion

Wigwam, 54 Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1

Kick-off Pride month right with this first event that’s taking place on Saturday (8th June) from 11pm to 3 am in Wigwam. If you’re a fan of house/electronic/dance tunes, but are tired of dancing to songs that are almost impossible to differentiate between, this event has what you need.

This all-female lineup of talented DJ’s each has a personal distinctive sound, so you won’t have to worry about all the songs seeming to merge into one. The main DJ of the night is Bianca Oblivion, making her Irish debut at this Foxgluv event. Bianca is a “connector of the global club underground”, and works to create spaces for femme/non-binary, queer, and POC artists in LA’s nightlife scene. Hannah Hession and Lolz will join her on the night, two DJs who also contribute to building more inclusive spaces for minority groups in the music/club scene.

The organiser of this event is Foxgluv Collective, founded by Jowy Ahia. She aims to provide a space for underrepresented creatives, highlighting the talents of female/non-binary and trans creators from diverse backgrounds.

Tickets cost €13.50 and can be bought here.

4. Friends of Dorothy

Pawn Shop, 15 Dame St, Dublin 2

The next event is for people who aren’t particularly drawn to Wigwam’s intense and sweaty basement. Their debut event takes place on June 13th, from 7 pm to 11:30 pm in Pawn Shop, a spot that has been getting more and more trendy in the last few weeks. There is lots included in the event’s itinerary, like an open-mic poetry segment, performances from artists such as Baby Lemonade and Ezra Williams, as well as DJs on the decks playing a range of genres. It has something to offer all who are interested in celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, especially if you prefer a chiller buzz.

This emerging collective is one for all members of the Irish queer community that hopes to provide a safe space that “welcomes creativity, individuality and connections”, according to their Instagram. Their first event next Thursday is dedicated to Marsha P. Johnson, one of the most significant figures in the LGTBQ+ rights movement, and is sure to be an inspiring showcase of solidarity, community and art.

Tickets cost €15 and are available here.

3. Renaissance — Rathaus Pride Party 2024

Grand Social, 35 Liffey St. Lower, Dublin 1

Describing itself as the “hottest and sexiest” Pride party in Dublin, if you’re looking for a celebration on the wilder side this year, we’ve got you. Following their sold-out event last year, Rathaus’ Pride celebration this year takes place in the Grand Social Ballroom on the 29th June, from 9 pm to 3 am. Their DJ lineup has an impressive variety, with over 8 DJ’s already confirmed and more to be announced — so the floor is going be filled the whole time. Make sure to wear your comfiest (and kinkiest) footwear for this one.

A particularly progressive and well-established collective, Rathaus promotes full self-expression and zero discrimination at all of their events. The theme for this Pride party is ‘Renaissance’, where they invite you to partake in a night similar to what one might imagine “a night out at a Renaissance brothel” to be, with words like “flamboyant”, “kinky” and “extravagant” all cropping up in their event description.

For an especially liberating, inclusive, and possibly freaky experience, Rathaus Pride Party is where it’s at.

Tickets are from €11.70 and can be bought here.

2. The Girl’s Room Birthday x Pride

Workman’s Cellar, 8 Essex St E, Dublin 2

When Cyndi Lauper said girls (and non-binary babes) just wanna have fun, who knew it could be so easily achieved by making a club with no men? This event is hosted by The Girl’s Room, a collective that’s been making waves in the Irish nightlife scene for a while. They have been popping up in articles from RTE and the Irish Independent, and it’s not difficult to understand why. It’s taking place on June 11th from 9 pm to 11:30 pm in Workman’s Cellar, and will entice any women/non-binary persons who love a boogie but aren’t as much a fan of electronic/rave tunes.

You can expect an all-female DJ lineup that play a variety of dance-floor fillers. Whether you like Lauryn Hill, Rihanna or Ice Spice, they provide everyone with something that gets their body moving. Their mission is to unite women/non-binary people of “all backgrounds for nights that are filled with empowerment and enjoyment“, where they can dance and express themselves completely safely, and without fear or judgement from men.

I’ve been to one of these events myself, and if you’re someone who’s looking for a night out where you can actually dance without a care in the world, make it your duty to get to this event.

Tickets are €15 and can be found here.

1. Dykon Pride Party

The Sound House, 28 Eden Quay, Dublin 1

Our last pick is more of a classic Pride event. Dykon Pride party is taking place in the Sound House on June 28th from 11 pm till late (we love to see a non-specified end time). With live performances, guest DJ’s to be announced, 2 floors and a rooftop space occupied for queer celebration — if you’re a little overwhelmed on what Pride event to go to this month, we suggest this one! Also, a euro from each of the tickets bought goes towards the LGBTQ+ Youth Services charity ‘Belong To’, so you can boogie for a good cause.

The up-and-coming queer collective Dykon was created as a refuge for anyone who knows what it “feels like to be threatened for one’s sexual orientation“. It aims to provide a safe space for social gatherings for queer women and non-binary people, according to the collective’s founder Mafalda ‘Mafi’ Hrušková.

Offering wristbands to show what sort of interaction you are looking for during the event, and a group chat made by Dykon for people who are going to the event alone, this event seems especially catered to anyone who’s looking for love (or lust) this Pride month.

Tickets are €11.70 and can be found here.

Header image via thegirlsroomirl on Instagram

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