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21st Jun 2024

Party like it’s 2016 with Dublin’s new budget friendly night out


Hangar’s notoriously cheap (and feral) club nights have been reborn at last.

The new club ‘SoHo’ that replaced the beloved Tramline on D’Olier Street took to their socials on Thursday to make a much-welcomed announcement. Perhaps it was the big boots they had to fill replacing Tramline and continuing it’s legacy (whether it’s a good or bad one, we’re not sure) that sparked this decision, but either way, we’re here for it.

From July 1st they are introducing €2 Mondays events, which are gearing up to be the cheapest night out you’ve had in Dublin in years. Club entry is €2 before 11 pm, and they have a whole range of drink promotions available all night long. Their shots are €2, their pints are €3.50, and their vodkas are €4. If you also feel like you’ve been transported back to the dangerously cheap and chaotic nights of 2016 don’t panic, because we do too.

There’s a variety of tunes as well, with the main room for house and techno, and the other for pop and throwbacks. It’ll be an interesting crowd to see for sure.

To avail of the nostalgic nightlife cheapness, you have to sign up for a pass that can be reached by the link in their bio on Instagram.

When the club first opened back in May it promised to offer a “premium” yet affordable clubbing experience. Since it’s birth, it has definitely proved popular amongst Dubliners that love a boogie. They also just recently reduced their age of entry from 23 to 21, which is probably going to throw it into a whole new bracket of popularity.

With the rather depressing state of Dublin nightlife at the moment, the introduction of €2 Mondays is a glimmer of hope for young people in the city. While ‘a few quiet ones’ is usually grand, sometimes you just need a groove, and it shouldn’t come at a cost of a €15 entry fee.

The other uplifting outcome of this new announcement is the possibility it might inspire some other Dublin clubs to do something similar. If we really put our minds to it – we think we can revive the raunchiness that Hangar once brought to our lives, and all it will take is another few discounted club nights.

Alas, this is definitely a start.

Header image via sohodublin on IG

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