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09th May 2024

Shift in the daylight at Coppers’ all new 30+ daytime clubbing event

Tara Catlett

Nightlife clubbing

Tired of a four day hangover for one night of fun? Copper Face Jack’s over 30’s daytime clubbing event means you don’t have to.

Sometimes a few quiet ones at the pub doesn’t cut it — but if the alternative is a dark, sweaty, sticky dance floor full of college kids and songs that all sound the same, we’ll take the local any day.

Following the success of a pretty new concept that’s been popping up around Ireland, the Copper Face Jacks is jumping on the trend of transforming their usually over 21’s club into a dance haven for anyone that’s started experiencing back pain and finds the idea of slipping on some slippers much more appealing than slipping on a pair of heels.

Taking place on Saturday, the 25th of May from 6:00 to 10:00 pm, the largely popular Dublin nightclub has announced an exclusive daytime clubbing experience for all the 30+ party animals (party animals that still want to be in bed by 11).

To transport you back to the good ol’ days, the DJ is set to play the iconic dance floor fillers that got you grooving back then, and will get you grooving now. The track list has been specially curated to “evoke nostalgia and get those feet moving” as described by Sean Daly, Copper Face Jacks’ Marketing Manager.

While it’s been a home for many a night out, some horror stories included, Coppers has revamped some of its traditional interiors. It’s multiple storeys mean you can find a floor to suit all your needs. Their main floor has a state of the art lighting and sound system and now also includes an advanced ventilation system. Their cocktail bar provides you with a place to chit chat, and the basement has an expansive dance floor to let you bust a move to your favourite throwback songs.

“Whether you’re reliving your youth or just looking for a unique way to spend your Saturday, our over 30’s daytime clubbing event promises an unforgettable experience for all,” said Daly.

So if you’re up for dancing the night away — as long as the night ends at 10, make sure to grab your tickets before they’re all gone as there’s a limited amount available. Tickets are only €10 and can be bought from their socials or on their website.

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