The Top 10 Pints Of Guinness In Dublin

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


We are fond of making lists to help people find the best stuff in Dublin. Although we are normally pretty close to reaching a consensus among all readers the odd row does start with people rightly disagreeing and having their own favorites. Well all that was merely the build up for today's list which is sure to encourage healthy debate as we take on an Irish institution...A pint of the black stuff. We've been tasting, testing, gauging feedback from you guys and generally enjoying ourselves as we seek the best pint in the capital. You can drink them one at a time or maybe go on the ultimate pub crawl as we reveal the top 10 pints of Guinness in Dublin...

10th. The Blue Light

Small pub in the foothills of the Dublin mountains that have great sessions and will serve you a gorgeous pint to go with the music. Even Bono and the Edge have their pints there!

9th. The Stag's Head

Just off Dame Street this dark pub is the perfect place to get a pint in the heart of winter but it also doubles up with their "terrace" in the summer as the entire road is filled with people sinking the black stuff.

8th. The Palace Bar

Always been just as popular with country folk coming up for the GAA matches as it is with Dubliners and tourists alike. Old school pub with great pints and no airs and graces.

7th. The Long Hall


Located on George's street this pub has hardly changed over the years and it is like stepping back in time when you grab your pint and take the world in. Especially nice spot given all the trendy spots nearby so a refreshing look at what Ireland used to be like.

6th. Mulligans Poolbeg Street

One of the most iconic bars in Dublin and you get the feeling that very little has changed in the 250 odd years it has been around. You could just imagine yourself working down in the docks back in the day as you sup that lovely pint.

5th. Kehoes

If you've not had a pint of Guinness on a summer's day standing outside Keogh's then you just have never experienced the real Dublin. The fact that the bar is tiny and the toilets are rubbish shouldn't take away too much from this iconic summer landmark.

4th. Neary's

If you happen to be thirsty when doing a little bit of shopping on Grafton Street then this is the spot for you. Very old school and you'd nearly miss it between all the fancy shops and flower stands but has an epic pint that can't be missed.


3rd. The Storehouse

You won't be popping in here too often for a pint if you are a local but it is a must see for tourists of to bring anybody who is staying with you or visiting Dublin. If they can't get the Guinness right here there is no hope. Pretty special view too.

2nd. Toners

There are a few decent contenders along Baggot Street to make this list but we went with Toner's because of the classic feel, high tables and no nonsense approach to getting you a great pint of the black stuff.

1st. John Kavanaghts "Gravediggers"

This one is well tucked away in the North of the city away from all the normal tourist attraction which is probably what makes it so special. A huge history and easily the best pint of Guinness in the capital in our humble opinions.

The View From You Guys


We knew the debate would be hot on this one so we made sure to ask on Twitter and get all your guys suggestions. Have a look through here to find some other great suggestions and the usual popular ones popping up...

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