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27th Mar 2024

10 things to do in Dublin if you’re off for Easter holidays

Fiona Frawley

midweek activities dublin easter break

We have to take our hats off to the teachers.

If those stints of homeschooling in the depths of the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that keeping a classroom in check is not an easy job.

As parents across Ireland frantically buy up the remainder of the Easter eggs on supermarket shelves across the country and decide whether or not the Easter bunny has a place in modern society, the nation’s teachers are taking a well deserved break. It’s taking a lot of intense positive energy, but we’re finding a way to be happy for them.

If you find yourself in Dublin looking for something to do over the next week or two, we’ve got you covered with everything from active hikes to chilled out coffee mornings. Treat yo self.

10. A scenic hike

If you’re looking for a Dublin walk you might not have done before, take yourself on the DART out to Shankill for this 12.2 kilometre loop trail with panoramic views of Killiney Bay, the Sugarloaf and the Dublin Mountains. You’ll also discover the Scalp (a glacial outflow formed at the end of the last Ice Age) and the former Ballycorus Lead Mine site. More info on route options and what to expect is available right here.

9. A trip to IMMA

Make the most of your time off by enjoying one of the amazing exhibitions currently on display at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. At the moment you can catch Self-Determination: A Global Perspective, one of the largest exhibitions in the Museum’s history. This free exhibition is a culmination of a three year research project, and focuses on the nation-states that emerged in the wake of the First World War. One for the history teachers, perhaps? 

8. A quiet coffee

There are so many to choose from, but a few of our fave spots for a midweek flattie include.

Or wherever your own favourite haunt may be! This is your week after all.

7. Get your nails done

Go wild. Get a cheeky bitta nail art. Relax while your nail tech works magic on your cuticles. Spend the rest of the day tapping surfaces with your new talons and taking cheeky snaps for Insta. It’s the ultimate act of self love.

6. See a Show

Until March 30th you can see Audrey or Sorrow at The Abbey, Marina Carr’s new play which brings audiences on a shape-shifting, time-bending deep dive into a world of family secrets, loss, ghosts and the pull of the sea. Meanwhile at The Gate, a stage adaption of Emma Donoghue’s The Pull of the Stars, implores viewers to consider the importance of sisterhood, destiny, connection, the power of chance, and the care we offer to women and their bodies.

5. A bookshop rummage

Pick yourself up a novel to sink your teeth into, and take your time choosing – there’s nothing like a good trawl through a bookshop when you’ve got time to spare. Perhaps you’re in the mood for revisiting a Stephen King OG for the season that’s in it, or a deep dive into Britney’s life in her own words? Whatever genre you seek, you’ll find something in one of Dublin’s great independent bookshops.

4. Church of Rihanna

The Well, Stephen’s Green 

Religion can be a contentious subject but I think we’ll all agree, one altar unequivocally worth worshipping at is Rihanna’s. While most stans have given up hope of RiRi ever releasing new music, we can still celebrate her existing bangers – and the Well is kindly facilitating our desires.

This Good Friday (the holiest of days), The Well will be dedicating the whole night to Rihanna, playing her full back catalogue from ‘Music of the Sun’ to ‘Anti’. On the night you can expect a non-stop Rihanna playlist, RiRi-inspired drag performances, spot prizes and more. Tickets will set you back €10, and you can nab them via Eventbrite.

Image via Eventbrite 

3. See some comedy

On any given night of the week, there’s live stand-up happening in Dublin with big names regularly dropping in to perform alongside up-and-comers. It’s a great midweek activity and the kind of thing you can always head along to on your own if you’re ridin’ solo – our full list of comedy nights in Dublin is right here.

2. Tea and sandwiches at The Pepper Pot

Located in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre on South William Street, find out more over on their Instagram.

Treat yourself to tea from a dainty floral china cup accompanied by some of the best sandwiches you’ll find in the city at the always charming Pepper Pot Café inside the Powerscourt Town Centre. The café is best known for its pear and bacon sambo (a must-try) but there’s so much more on offer and the surroundings are truly blissful with unmatched people-watching potential. For a real dream day, we recommend a browse around Powerscourt’s specialist boutiques and antique jewellers before lunch.

1. Explore the National Botanic Gardens

Located in Glasnevin, more info right here

Home to over 15,000 plant species from habitats worldwide, the Botanic Gardens provides an oasis of green in the middle of Dublin and is the dream location for a leisurely stroll. Founded in 1795, the Gardens will have you feeling like you’re in a promenading scene from Bridgerton with their curvilinear glasshouses, meticulously pruned rose bushes and tasteful water features. A particularly beautiful spot for a date, but also great for a solo ramble. Entry is free.


How will you be spending your Easter break? Let us know if we missed out your go-to way to unwind!