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18th Jun 2024

9 of the best spots in Dublin for a clucking good chicken burger


You simply can’t beat a good chicken burger

Sure when you think of burgers, most of our minds think of juicy beef burgers stacked high dribbling in cheese and sauce, or of gnarly craggy smash burgers, which hold an unholy space in our hearts and minds. But sometimes all you want is a chicken burger, a more subtle choice, which arguably gives you a bit more bang for its buck than the sometimes svelt surrounds of a beef patty. Dublin has an incredible range of chicken burgers, with some of our faves being KFC and Nashville hot chicken persuasion, here’s your spots to hit up:

9. Hot Chix

You can find Hot Chix in Charlestown Shopping Centre, Finglas, for more info click here

A handy spot to pop into if you find yourself pre or post-gig at the 3Arena (Point), serving up big portions of Nashville-style chicken which for Dublin is pretty reasonably priced. The chicken is tender, and moist if a little on the milder end of the spice scale (listen as people who’ve grown up on meat, spuds and two veg it’s just right). Service is super quick, helped along the way by the self-service QR-code ordering system that they have in place.

8. Firebyrd

You can find Firebyrd Ranelagh and Dun Laoghaire, for more info click here

Set up by husband and wife team Ashley & Peter, who met in Ashley’s hometown of Atlanta, they dreamed of bringing ‘murican cooking to Peter’s home, and in 2020 they did just that. Going for a more general American Hot Chicken, the big menu allows the team to deep-dive into specific chicken styles, from Nashville to Philly. Using a combination of simple recipes with great taste they sling a big range of chicken burgers alongside tenders, wings, and insane sides such as fried pickles and Tex-Mex totchos. All the chicken served up in Firebyrd is Halal too.

7. BirdBox

You can find Birdbox on Dame Street, more info click here

Opened in December last year by the folks behind the A1 Turkish eatery Reyna, Birdbox is conveniently located on Dame Street, perfect for post-pints feeds and pre-or-post Olympia grubbing. With all the comings and goings outside the atmosphere inside BirdBox is great, it’s a great casual spot for a decently priced feed that will fill you right up. The team are doing things a little differently grilling some of their burgers Mediterranean and Middle Eastern-style, straight on the grill no kissing. They’ve got some great vegan options, are serving halal chicken and also have the pretty whimsical thin-cut potato chips that look like thiccc crisps.

6. BuJo

You can find BuJo in Sandymount and Terenure, more info click here

With a menu designed by the Culinary Director, renowned Irish chef Gráinne O’Keefe, and an emphasis on sustainability and provenance that is eyewatering, the team at BuJo take their food seriously. With two spots on the Southside, each one is easy-going, cosy and clean, with eye-catching branding and some fun mod cons in-store like the drink vending machine. Simple options on the menu which makes it very easy to choose from, the chicken burgers are made with 100% breast meat but are perfectly moist especially when contrasted with that paper-thin crunchy batter. They are very family-friendly and have student offers Mon-thur for the youths amongst us!

5. Cluck Chicken

You can find Cluck Chicken off the Walkinstown Roundabout and in the Square, for more info click here

Now if you’re looking for a spot that really knows their chicken burgers, you can’t go wrong with Cluck Chicken. Rumour has it that everything from the loaded fries to the tendies are capable of curing even the roughest of hangovers. The burgers are all free range buttermilk fried chicken is now dusted in Cluck’s “secret” dust, the team are big on sauce and toppings and absolutely do not scrimp on ’em. The GOAT-ed chicken slingers do a monthly special with different folks in the food industry, and you’d be well placed to grab one if you see it!

4. Space Jaru 
You can find Space Jaru on Meath Street, for more info click here

One of the best casual restaurants in the city right now you’ll undoubtedly find one of the best chicken burgers. This is food made for the customer’s complete ease, it arrives quickly and leaves the table quickly again. Space Jaru is the place to go for a quick, incredible feed that is made with love. This is as close to authentic fried chicken you are going to get, even coming with authentic 양념 sauce. They have a great wine list, with some interesting Korean non-alcoholic (and alcoholic) available, they also sell Korean snacks and cooking ingredients which is a nice touch, for anyone going home filled with inspiration about the Korean feasts they will make.

3. Chimac

You can find Chimac on Aungier Street and in Terenure, for more info click here

We visibly remember Chimac bursting onto the scene a few years ago and well and truly changing the fast-food concept in the city for the better. Bringing the finest Korean fried chicken to Aungier Street before eventually expanding into Terenure. Their burgers are large, locked and loaded with potent flavours and sticky sauces, they are absolutely extra and we are absolutely here for it.

2. Happy’s Bar & Street Food

You can find Happy’s on Aston Quay, for more info click here 

Masters of street food, Happy Endings has five chicken burgers on their menu at all times. These burgers come with Mission Spice Fried Chicken and are complete with toppings such as peanut and lime sauce, vegan chilli crunch, gochujang cheese sauce, and Asian pickles.

1. Benjamin’s Hot Chicken
You can find Benjamin’s Hot Chicken on Irishtown Road (inside the Vintage Inn), for more info click here

In our humble opinion, this is the city’s best chicken burger, since heading over to Benji’s nestled into Irishtown’s The Vintage Inn, we’ve been blue in the face talking about it. Finger lickin’ Nashville hot chicken, juicy tender chicken dunked in a well-seasoned light batter. ⁠Served in a pretty paired-back manner, with homemade pickles, and a slice of murican cheese on a potato bun. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, uncomplicated, and it’s done well. The team have some solid veggie options and the loaded chips are also worth a note, you can also have a few scoops in The Vintage Inn with your food, it’s hard to spot the flaw.

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