19 cheap and cheerful eats in Dublin ahead of this January payday

By Katy Thornton

January 24, 2023 at 2:06pm


January has simply gone on for way too long.


We're all just scraping by at this point, waiting until that all too important payday. Good food is an instant serotonin booster, but eating out can be pricey. These Dublin spots are perfect if you're looking for something tasty without dipping into next month's rent.


This taco restaurant is perfect for light bites that won't cost a fortune. Nothing on the menu is over €8, and there are plenty of options regardless of your dietary preferences. The tacos range from €5.95 to €7.95 while their quesadillas are as cheap as €4.95.

You can find MASA on Drury Street.

2. The Cheeky Piglet

Open since October 2022, and a stone's throw from the old Lovin offices, you could say we quickly became well acquainted with The Cheeky Piglet. Often enticed by their breakfast selection, a standard order is two hash browns and a coffee, which you can get for as little as €5. They also have great price points and value for money across their menu, making this of the best cheap and cheerful restaurants in Dublin.

The Cheeky Piglet is based in Fumbally Court. 

3. Boojum

Boojum, particularly if you're ordering a burrito bowl, is extremely good value for money. You get so much food for max €9, and it will keep you full for at least half a day. If I wasn't so greedy, I could easily make one burrito bowl last for two meals.

There are several Boojum locations all over Dublin; check them out HERE

4. Barry & Browne

Often overlooked because it's beside the hugely popular Vanilla Pod Eatery, Barry & Browne does some fantastic breakfast and lunch meals that are affordable and also huge in size. I've gotten the veggie grill there several times; I'm someone who has been described to have a healthy appetite, and even I struggle to finish what's on my plate.

They also do amazing scones and pastries for a great price, and again, they're all huge and come with a generous serving of whipped cream and jam.

Barry & Browne is based in Carrickmines Retail Park.

5. Sano Pizza

Sano is a much loved pizzeria that sells very affordable pizza. Their 12 inch pies start at €6.90, and they have a huge range of choice, including vegan and veggie options.

Sano Pizza has two locations, one in Ranelagh and one in Temple Bar; you can check out their menu HERE.


6. Umi Falafel

For the most delicious falafels in the city, pop into one of Umi's locations. They do a range of sambos, wraps, and salads with halloumi, falafel, and other goodies, all for a very reasonable cost.

There are now five Umi locations in Dublin; you can check them all out HERE

7. Shouk

For amazing and inexpensive Middle Eastern food, why not try out Shouk? Their menu is extensive, and pitas start from just €8.50. One of the best cheap and cheerful restaurants you can find in Dublin.

Shouk is based in Drumcondra, you can find out more about them HERE

8. Zakura

For some affordable sushi, Zakura is the spot for you. They do BYOW as well, at €6 corkage, which takes some pressure off your bill. Zakura also has a huge selection of dishes, that vary in price, so you can choose a meal that best fits your budget.

Plus if you're heading for lunch they do some great meal deals.

Zakura has three branches, one on Upper Baggot Street, one on Lower Baggot Street, and one on Wexford Street. Check out their menu HERE.

9. Sprezzatura

There is no better place to go for cheap and cheerful pasta than Sprezzatura. It's hyped up, and for good reason. Their menu is constantly changing, but they often have pasta dishes for as little as €7, and espresso martinis for the same price, in a city where you'd be hard pressed to find a good cocktail for less than a tenner.

Sprezzatura has two locations, one on Camden Street and one in Rathmines. Check out their website HERE.

10. Wok In Noodle Bar

For very cost efficient Thai food, stop into the Wok In Noodle Bar. The definition of cheap and cheerful, nothing on the menu costs more than €6.50; an ideal location for some lunch in the city.

Check out more about Wok In Noodle Bar HERE

11. The Porthouse

If you're looking for tapas at an affordable price, then The Porthouse is perfect. Unlike other tapas places, many of their plates are as little as €5 and they're quite substantial. Plus there's a ton of choice and with mix and matching, you're bound to have a satisfying meal without breaking the bank.


You can find The Porthouse in Dundrum, Camden Street, South William Street, and Temple Bar.

12. Mugg Uggly

I don't know if you've noticed but lately toasties have gotten a little spendy. It's rare to visit a spot where you can get a good toastie for less than €8, but at Mugg Uggly, they have them for just €5.50.

There's no muss, no fuss with these bad boys, just a good sambo with lots of melted cheese. If you want yours with ham, it costs €6.50, and you can add a garlic dip for just €1 (and trust me, it's a potent garlic dip).

Mugg Uggly is located beside the Glencairn Luas Stop in Leopardstown. 

13. Wing's Gourmet Burgers

For unreal budget burgers, you can't go wrong with Wing's Gourmet Burgers; most of their patties are under €10. They also do a very affordable all-day breakfast.

Wing's Gourmet Burgers is based on O'Connell Street. Have a look at their menu HERE

Image via Facebook/Wing's Gourmet Burger

14. McGuinness's

Takeaways are generally affordable, but McGuinness's is especially cheap and cheerful, and does unreal vegan food that will make you forget all about meat. The tofu bites are particularly good (and I'm not even vegan).

McGuinness's can be found on Camden Street, check out their menu HERE

15. DiFontaine's

Pizza slices starting at €5.50? Calzones for as cheap as €8? DiFontaine's is a great spot for some cheap but delicious pizza in Dublin.

You can find DiFontaine's in Temple Bar. 

16. Aperitivo Cicchetti

Another small plate pasta spot that is very affordable is Aperitivo Cicchetti, which opened at the end of August. Their pasta begins at €6.50 and if you go with a couple of people you can try lots of different plates without breaking the bank.

You can find this newly opened Italian on Nassau Street.


17. White Rabbit

You can get amazing Korean style corn dogs from White Rabbit for only €5 a pop; while some of their other dishes aren't quite as cheap, you won't break the bank with that their corn dogs.

You will find White Rabbit on Capel Street. 


18. El Grito

Some of the best tacos in Dublin just happen to be the cheapest too. They go for €2 a pop and are ideal for mixing and matching different fillings.

El Grito is based in Mount Joy Square. 


19. Yeeros

And if you're looking for a lunch option that will satisfy you as well as keep your bank account happy, it's got to be Yeeros. They have loads of deals depending on how much food you want, starting at €5.95. Check out their different options HERE.

Yeeros has a newly opened restaurant on Wexford Street, as well as their original spot in Drumcondra. 

Honourable Mention:


Okay, steak is never going to be cheap, we get that. But Featherblade does a cut of steak for €14 which is much cheaper than most places. And it tastes amazing too. The price can add up with sides, but if you want to feel fancy on a budget, Featherblade is the place for you.

Featherblade is based on Dawson Street; check out their menu HERE

Whether you're on a tight budget ahead of payday, or just don't want to fork out for some great food, these are the perfect restaurants to visit in Dublin for cheap and cheerful eats.

Header images via Instagram/yeeros & /el_grito_mexican

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