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24th Apr 2024

Over 30s club comes to Dublin for a new daytime clubbing craze


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Once you reach a certain age, the concept of hitting the club can feel much like going for a routine smear test or visiting your in-laws, a necessary aspect of being human but something that’s just a bit daunting. Aside from the cost, the dancing, the inevitable intake of alcohol and the potential for interactions with complete strangers that doesn’t sound appealing to some, for most it’s simply how late the clubs get going and thus how late club-goers need to go out at in order to enjoy ’em.

A fresh concept that has been doing a roaring trade-up in Belfast’s Limelight, offering early risers the chance to dance the night somewhat away. Selling over 10,000 tickets, the clubnight starts at 5pm and ends at a very lovely 9pm. The night is now coming to Dublin’s The Academy on Saturday 22nd June from 5pm-9pm, with tickets selling out pronto.

The sticky floors of The Academy are said to be transformed for the night with world-class lighting and sound production, with attendees wowed with stage show, interactive games and giveaways.

Organisers are gearing the event towards hen parties, parents and people who haven’t been in a nightclub in years, and are offering up different rooms to cater to different musical preferences, from 1990s-2000 pop, dance and r&b of room one to the big band classics and soaring vocals of 70s & 80s in room two, with organisers promising some rock and indie thrown into the mix.

“We have been blown away by the incredible response to these events and we simply can’t keep up with the demand every Belfast date is sold out until Christmas. We’re seeing a really broad range of people coming to us, from those who want to party but still parent the next day, to hen parties, right through to older people that haven’t been to a club in 20 years and want to re-live the magic of their youth,” said Barry O’Kane one of The 30+ Club organisers said.

If you can’t make it to The Academy, there’s a couple of dates cropping up around Ireland over the coming months, with a good few in Belfast and a night in Newry.

You can head to The 30+ Club in Dublin’s The Academy on Saturday 22nd June from 5pm-9pm, pre-sale is open on April 25th for more info head to their website.

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