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01st May 2024

Two ‘state of the art’ Irish-themed rollercoasters set to land at Emerald Park


Launching after a €22 million investment, the rollercoasters are set to offer attendees ‘an adrenaline rush like no other’.

Meath’s foremost amusement park and zoo Emerald Park has announced the opening date of its “new world” Tír Na nÓg, which will feature two “state of the art” rollercoasters.

Based on the land of the eternal youth from Irish mythology and set to open next month, Tír na nÓg is described as a “fully themed and immersive land” where attendees will be able to “embark into the otherworld full of mythical adventure, where nothing is quite as it seems”.

“Discover ancient ruins, secret passages, and treasure troves around every corner,” Emerald Park’s description of the upcoming attraction also reads.

Located 20 minutes outside of Dublin in Ashbourne, Tír na nÓg will also feature two intertwining rollercoasters titled ‘Na Fianna Force’ and ‘The Quest’.

Describing Na Fianna Force, Emerald Park states:

“Na Fianna Force, a suspended thrill coaster, reaches heights of 32 metres (just higher than the Cú Chulainn coaster) and speeds of up to 90km/h. Deriving its name from the legendary band of Celtic warriors, Na Fianna Force, is the larger of the two rollercoasters at Tír Na nÓg, the track is positioned above your head ensuring an adrenaline rush like no other!

“Rollercoaster fans can look forward to heart pounding fun, with inversions such as a 360 zero-G roll and an upward helix, which guarantees a total of three thrilling upside down experiences on the coaster. With daring twists and high-speed drops, put your bravery to the test on this ultimate thrill seeker ride!”

As for The Quest, the park adds:

“Intertwined with Na Fianna Force is The Quest, a family boomerang rollercoaster, which will have riders embark on a quest to the mystical land of Tír na nÓg. Soar to the top of a ruined castle tower as you travel at speeds up to 60km/h and heights of 25 metres.

“Prepare to travel forward and backwards, expect plenty of airtime hills, dives through trenches and turn through castles in this unique family coaster.”

Described as Europe’s longest intertwining steel rollercoasters, Emerald Park has said that their construction required a €22 million investment.

Tír Na nÓg is set to welcome visitors from Wednesday, 22 May, 2024. You can book tickets now from Emerald Park’s website right here.

This article was written by Stephen Porzio, and originally appeared on

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