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29th Apr 2024

17 of the most fun spots to eat in Dublin

Katy Thornton

Can I order my dish with a side of fun? Thanks

Dublin has a wealth of great places to eat – we’re one of the biggest foodie countries in Europe (don’t believe us – we have proof). However, if you’re looking for somewhere to eat that’s got a bit of quirkiness, a bit of additional joy, then buckle yourself in, because we’ve got the most fun places to eat in Dublin, coming right up.

17. Tippenyaki

Rathmines, Dublin 6

One of the very few places you can enjoy the delight that is teppanyaki in Dublin is Rathmines’ restaurant aptly named Tippenyaki. The word Teppanyaki derives from the words teppan, meaning iron plate, and yaki, meaning grilled, and teppanyaki dishes are typically comprised of beef, chicken, prawns, and veggies, cooked in soybean oil. This style of cooking, alongside sushi, makes up the backbone of modern Japanese cuisine, and the live-cooking element that you can experience at Tippenyaki is some of the most fun. They do two-hour live cooking sessions Tuesday through Sunday. Seats are limited and require advance booking, which you can do here.

Go for? Dinner with a show

Tippenyaki opens Tuesday to Sunday from 17:00. 

16. Matsukawa

Queen Street, Smithfield

The snug space that used to house Woke Cup Cafe, has been completely transformed into sushi studio Matsukawa. The high-ceilinged, compact space is dominated by a high table facing the all-important preparation area. Chef Takuma Tamaoki (formerly of Galway’s Wa Sushi) is behind the counter delicately forming rice and slicing aged and preserved tidy sections of fish. A lot of thought has been placed into every shelf, countertop and table, everything is thought-out and well-considered. Word of warning, this is a fun evening out, but it is going to cost you.

Go for? An unforgettable meal

Matsuwaka opens Wednesday to Sunday between 17.00 and 22.00.


15. PYE

Dundrum, Dublin 14

What may appear to be a simple bar is so much more, as PYE, nestled in where The Eagle used to be on the Dundrum Main Street (RIP), is completely dog-friendly, so much so that they have furniture just for your furry friend. The bar also serves food, including pizzas, pastas, salads, the works, and your pup won’t go hungry, as they have a doggy vending machine installed too. Throw in their weekly pub quiz, and you’re sorted for a night full of laughs.

Go for? A few pints alongside your pup

You can keep up with Pye on their website.

14. Chai Yo

Baggot Street, Dublin 2

The second teppanyaki spot on this list is Chai Yo, which has been based on Baggot Street for many, many years now. The live cooking element is of course why it features on this list as one of the most fun restaurants to dine in in Dublin, but that’s not the only entertainment they have live for you. If it’s a special occasion at Chai Yo, you will also be treated to some live music just for your table. For my 21st birthday, I was treated to several songs, not just the classic “Happy Birthday” anthem, with my personal favourite naturally having to be “I Will Survive”. Add in the impeccable food, which let’s be real, tastes better once you’ve seen it cooked before you, and I dare you to say this isn’t a fun place to eat.

Go for? A spectacle worthy of the IG story

Find everything you need to know about booking a table at Chai Yo here.

13. The Saucy Cow

Crane Lane, Dublin 2

The Saucy Cow remains a shining light for plant-based food that actually tastes great and has the same sort of fun vibes normally befitting of an American diner – sans the hamburgers. This colourful little spot does vegan fast food like no other in Dublin, ideal if you don’t always want to eat a mountain and veg and fruit, but are devoted to the plant-based lifestyle. Instead, they do beyond meat smash burgers, loaded fries, as well as wraps and sambos, and this saucy restaurant has garnered so much popularity, that you can now find them in Cork too. With the loss of Yum Grub and Vegan Sandwich Co, The Saucy Cow’s USP as a dirty vegan takeaway is all the more important to Dublin.  If we had to recommend something in particular, it would be the salt and chilli hash browns that are nothing short of stunning.

Go for? The chilli hash browns

The Saucy Cow opens 12.00 to 21.00 Wednesday to Saturday, and 12.00 to 20.00 on Sundays.

12. Krewe

Capel Street, Dublin 1 

Two words. Seafood boil. This New Orleans tradition is where people come together at certain times of the year to boil pounds and pounds of fresh shellfish and tuck in, often accompanied by veg and potatoes. The Krewe edition of this dish is made with langoustines prawns, mussels cockles, clams, monkfish cheeks, cod and smoked andouille sausage, all boiled in a spicy Cajun broth with potatoes and corn on the cob. If you’re looking for a sharing food experience that will keep you more full than small plates and is also a lot more fun. Get your bib on and dig in. How can you not have fun somewhere it is socially acceptable, and advised, to wear a bib as an adult? Exactly.

The seafood boil will cost €130 and is meant to serve four people.

Go for? A sharing food experience that will keep you more full than small plates

Krewe Boil is only available on Tuesday evenings.

11. Bah33

Dawson Street, Dublin 2

If you’re someone who always orders the Mighty Meaty pizza at Domino’s, then a visit to Bah33 is a must for you. Serving up all kinds of flavoursome eats, the menu is packed full with a range of different Brazilian specialities – all cooked in the traditional way. What makes Bah33 a fun dining experience however is that the serves come around all night with different cuts, and you can have as much as you like.

You’re given red and green signs, which you use to tell the servers whether you are ready to eat or not. Display the green sign if you are ready for meat and display the red one if you need a break.

Go for? When you’re missing BBQ food amid non-BBQ weather

Bah33 opens Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00. 

fun spots to eat bah33

10. Happy’s Bar

Aston Quay, Dublin 2

While a bite to eat at Happy’s is always a vibe, this spot is most fun when had during one of their themed bottomless brunches. They’ve had brunches in honour of Lady Gaga, Madonna, ABBA, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and many more, to go with their full moon style buckets and black pudding wontons. I had the pleasure of heading to a Beyoncé themed brunch last year, complete with all her best tunes blasting out, a session of musical chairs, and our incredible host, Drag Queen Clio (like the car) on the decks, it far beat out other bottomless brunch on offer in Dublin.

Go for? Bottomless brunch, with a side of party games

Happy’s Bar host themed brunch every weekend, with slots from 13.00 and 15:30.

9. Maneki

Dawson Street, Dublin 2

You might be familiar with Maneki from roaring out Total Eclipse of the Heart at karaoke, but if you’re the kind of person who finds themselves starved after belting out eighties classics, then a dinner before you start necking the sake pornstar martinis is in order. The Dawson Street restaurant serves modern Japanese cuisine, with several kinds of sushi rolls and sashimi depending on your taste. Grander dishes such as their eight-piece Godzilla sushi roll (which is deep-fried, by the by) will cost you over €20 for a plate, but given how beautifully the food is presented, we’d find it difficult to pass up. And if you’re someone who has since left your raw fish days behind you, but still miss the sting of wasabi in your nostrils, Maneki also has a whole vegan side of their menu so you can still enjoy the non-fish aspects of sushi. In the summertime, you can also dine al fresco while people watch the crush of Dawson Street.

Go for? Some karaoke after your soosh

Maneki opens daily from 12pm and serves both lunch and dinner. 

8. Ukiyo

Exchequer Street, Dublin 2

Some of my favourite sushi in Dublin comes from Ukiyo and given its hybrid position as somewhere for food and a boogie, it’s definitely one of the most fun restaurants to book. They have some of the most imaginative rolls out there, plus if karaoke is your thing, you can book a karaoke room for you and your posse (which is honestly some of the best fun you can have). Even if you’re not a raw fish enthusiasts like myself, there are tons of options on the Ukiyo menu. Think bao buns, sliders, waffles, as well as plenty of veggie and vegan options. With sharing plates, otoshi, and the option to choose how many pieces of a certain dish you want, you can really choose exactly how much food you want. As a believer in fuelling your body ahead of a boogie, you don’t want to stuff yourself, but a little soakage is essential.

Ukiyo serves food until late in the evening, before clearing their tables away so you can bust a move.

Go for? Getting to stay in one place for food and dancing

7. Big Mike’s


A part of the Michael’s family, Big Mike’s launched last year and has become something of a household name in that short period of time. Of course, the ambience is only made better by the absolutely incredible staff, who are attentive, friendly, and have a way of making you feel right at home. No night at Big Mike’s is complete without a little chat with Gaz or a member of his amazing staff.

Plus you can have your own curated disco in the toilets. Who doesn’t want to listen to Whitney Houston when they wee, am I right?

Go for? The surf and turf dish of your dreams

You can make a booking at Big Mike’s here.

6. Hang Dai

Camden Street, Dublin 2

One of the coolest restaurants to open up in recent years is Hang Dai. This futuristic Chinese/Asian restaurant and bar not only serves some of the most delicious and creative food on the south side of the Liffey, it also provides a space to boogie later on in the evening. From the moment you step into Hang Dai, you’re transported somewhere that doesn’t resemble Dublin at all. Hang Dai has a space kind of theme, where you dine and drink in what looks like a vibey subway station. They serve everything from street food, including their famous cheeseburger spring rolls, to wholesome mains such as chilli bean hot pot, or Irish wagyu, ensuring you won’t come away from your meal hungry.

As for the music, the restaurant’s massive love for vinyl and analogue sounds has led to a detailed focus on Hi-Fi and acoustics. Hang Dai has a custom-built sound system, an isolated DJ booth, an acoustically treated room, and even a “Saturday Night Fever” dance floor on the ceiling. DJs such as Fett Burger, Bjorn Torske, Donna Leake, Monk One, and Jeremy Spellacey, to name but a few, have all taken to the decks in Hang Dai, and we’re sure they have a class line-up coming for 2024.

Go for? Those sweet sweet acoustics

You can make a reservation at Hang Dai here.

5. Bernard Shaw

Drumcondra, Dublin 9

While it is hard not to lament the passing and demolition of The Bernard Shaw on South Richmond Street, we can be grateful that the Drumcondra iteration lives on and keeps the legacy of a good place for food, music, and most importantly fun alive. With Eatyard at their disposal, there’s no shortage of vendors to choose from – the current line-up includes Pastiamo Truckttoria, El Fuego, Village Pizza, Gaucho’s Dog, Janets, and Nice Burger. As for entertainment, there are games, karaoke, drag brunches, and plenty of space to be dancing below the disco ball, with a cocktail or beer in hand. The Bernard Shaw has been a reliable Dublin location for food and a boogie for many years, and we have no doubt this legacy is set to continue into 2024.

Go for? Some laid-back food and dranks

There’s always loads happening at the Bernard Shaw, you can keep up with them over on IG.

4. Token

Smithfield, Dublin 7

Unsurprisingly, Pinball Haven Token has to be one of the most fun places to eat in Dublin. Token tends to scream “First Date”, but it’s just a no-brainer of a location; they have several options for the plant-based masses, including a vegan chilli dog, a vegan “Big Mac”, vegan tacos, and vegan garlic parm fries, but also there are also loads of non-vegan options for those who don’t partake in the lifestyle. Token has a class deal whereby you get your main, a side, a drink, and 20 tokens to use for just €36. This spot places on every list of this kind, and for good reason, not just for the food, but also the arcade games, which are arguably more important. And they have a huge variety on-site; 40 arcade and pinball machines to be exact.

Go for? A bitta-friendly competition

Token closes on Mondays, but opens every other day. 

3. 777

South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2

Margaritas and tacos are always a barrel of laughs, and 777 does some of the best variations in Dublin. On Taco Tuesdays you can get two for the price of one (for €8 to be exact, which is an absolute steal in this day and age). An obvious choice for a reason, 777 is a go-to for many for all things Mexican, and is therefore naturally one of the best spots in Dublin for a margarita, no matter what way you take it. And we know margaritas are fun because we’ve all seen that episode of Friends where Ross is fine. Choose from their classic house marg or the 777 margaritas especial, the dragon negra, the lobo verde, the marg del fumo or the mi cobra mas sexy. The list goes on.

Go for? Every variation of margarita under the sun

Interested? You can make a booking at 777 here.

2. The Back Page

Phibsborough, Dublin 7

If there’s one place that’s always got stuff going on to make the dining and drinking experience more fun, it’s The Back Page. They’ve got a chicken wings eating contest (think Hot Ones style, minus the Sean Evans questions), table quizzes, ping pong, bingo, and much more. As well as providing top entertainment, The Back Page also does some quality food – they place 22nd on our list of best pizza spots in Dublin. If you’re into sports, you might notice each of their pizzas named after a sports star (e.g. Katie Taylor, Sonia O’Sullivan, Aidan O’Shea, Eric Cantona, the list goes on). Plus, if you’re super lucky, you might just avail of a free pizza from The Back Page; every week they announce two names, normally beginning with the same letter, that can get a free pizza for dine-in. The odds may be stacked against you, but hey, it’s possible one day it might be you.

Go for? Good food and a good atmosphere

The Back Page opens late every night. 

1. Board

Clanbrassil Street, Dublin 8

Board is a really unique new opener for Dublin. Standing tall as a completely alcohol-free pub, it has over 200 board games on hand to accompany your non-alcoholic pints and cocktails. Board games are split into categories like party pleasers, long haul and staff favourites. If you’re looking for inspiration and sustenance, you’ve got a great brunch menu with plant-based options and meaty comfort dishes in equal measures.⁠ Evening times at Board are accompanied by a great pizza menu and cocktails that pack a flavourful punch with alcohol-free spirits and zesty mixers. The bar is also dog friendly so furry friends can get in on a heated game of Connect Four if they’re so inclined.⁠ It’s also kiddie-friendly with plenty of room for prams, buggies, strollers and whatever you’re having yourself.

Go for? A game of scrabble

Board opens 11.00 to 00.00 every day. 

Think there’s a more fun place to eat in Dublin? Let us know at [email protected].


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