The 24 best pizza spots you have to try in Dublin

By Katy Thornton

September 1, 2023 at 2:01pm


If there's something Dublin does right, it's pizza.

There are many things the Dubs get wrong, seagull birth control, rubbish collection, planning permission for hotels. But through the years, pizza is something that we now truly excel at.

Across the city, there are some exemplary examples of everything from the classic Neapolitan pi to the wood-fired sourdough, topped with anything you could dream of. We've lifted the lid on many a pizza in our day and sampled everything from the 3am slice to the starched linen tablecloth affair.

It doesn't matter which side of the pi chart you land on, Dublin has got the goods.

Without further delay, here are the 24 best pizza spots to check out in Dublin:

24. The Back Page

Location: Phibsborough, Dublin 7 

The Back Page is one of Dublin's top bars, providing entertainment as well as quality food. If you're into sports, then this may be the ideal place to go for a pizza, with each of their pizzas named after a sports star (e.g. Katie Taylor, Sonia O'Sullivan, Aidan O'Shea, Eric Cantona, the list goes on).

Plus, if you're super lucky, you might just avail of a free pizza from The Back Page; every week they announce two names, normally beginning with the same letter, that can get a free pizza for dine-in. The odds may be stacked against you, but hey, it's possible one day it might be you.

Go for? Watching the match with some grub

The Back Page opens from 12pm until late daily.

23. Di Fontaine's

Location: Parliament Street, Dublin 2

It'd be against my religion and everything I hold sacred to contribute to a list of Dublin pizzerias without including the place it all began - New York-style haven Di Fontaine's on Parliament Street. A post-night out trip to Di Fonty's feels like coming home - the pumping tunes, the compulsion to order two slices even though you know you'll be stuffed after one, the ever-immaculate garlic dip - it's my safe space.

And after one visit, it'll be yours too.

Go for? A late night pizza slice.

Di Fontaine's opens for collection and delivery daily from 12pm, with late-night closing hours.

22. Basil

Location: Ringsend Road, Dublin 4

What is possibly one of the city's more underrated pizza spots, has a special place in my heart. In fact, Basil was the first place I headed for a sit-down meal after the very long lockdown three. Consistency is key at this approachable D4 spot, and the experience and quality of the pi never wavers.

Cooked to order, this pizza hangs around the lighter side, which thankfully doesn't give you that sluggish feeling (about to give birth to a gluten baby) afterwards. The crisp and flavourful crust is topped with fresh and plentiful toppings - they also do a mean tiramisu.

Go for? A cosy family get-together

Basil opens Tuesday to Sunday. 

21. Da Mimmo

Location: North Dock, Dublin 3

This Dublin 3 location has been serving up food for 60 years, although it was originally a chipper, opening in the 60s. Then in 2010 it became an authentic Italian to reflect the family's roots and has been operating this way ever since.

Da Mimmo's pizzas are authentically wood-fired and their prices are quite reasonable by Dublin standards, especially considering the hefty portion sizes. Booking is essential given the limited space, but this gives the restaurant a cosy and lively atmosphere to accompany your pizza, and the service is always speedy.

Go for? Casual Italian dining.

Da Mimmo opens daily. 

20. Zero Zero

Locations: Dún Laoghaire & Kimmage, Dublin 12

Zero Zero's Dún Laoghaire location is the perfect place to head after a leisurely stroll along the pier or dip in the Forty Foot. Bubbly, crisp-but-chewy crusts and the creamiest mozzarella are offset with a great selection of toppings, and a carefully curated wine list to guzzle everything down with.

They also have a sit-in restaurant at their second location in Kimmage, so you don't need to be by the seaside to visit.

Go for? The mozzarella pull of dreams.

Zero Zero has locations just off the Dún Laoghaire Main Street and on Sundrive Road in Kimmage. 

19. Sano

Locations: Temple Bar, Dublin 8 and Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Sano quickly rose to glory on the Dublin pizza scene for being affordable and no-fuss, while still serving up delicious, authentic Neapolitan pizza. Their handmade dough is carefully proven for 48 hours before being baked at a high heat, their toppings are uncomplicated with a focus on quality and both of their Dublin locations are the perfect places to meet a pal for a catch-up.

House beers and wines will also only set you back €5 or €6 a glass - unheard of in this economy.

Go for? Date night on a budget

Sano has locations in Temple Bar and Ranelagh. 


18. Manifesto

Location: Rathmines, Dublin 6

After hearing about Manifesto for years, I finally got around to trying it recently. It's very old-school Italian; there are no flashy neon lights or trendy wooden panelled interiors - just white-clothed tables and good food. The dishes are a little up there in price, but Manifesto does some truly wonderful pizza and therefore must appear on this list.

I had the veggie pizza, which can sometimes fall victim to being watery and slippy; thankfully Manifesto's version had the ideal consistency and was super flavoursome despite the lack of meat.

A thing of note - Manifesto has no beer license, so if you're looking for a drink, it will have to be wine.

Go for? Romantic date night

Manifesto opens Tuesday through to Sunday from 5pm. 

17. Rita's

Location: Ranelagh, Dublin 6

A few places spring to mind more when you think of dining out in Ranelagh, and Rita's is often at the forefront. This Dublin 6 institution is renowned for the size of its pizzas, which come in tomato-based and (the sometimes controversial) white base options.

It's a snug little spot inside where you tuck in on indoor picnic tables, but they also have takeout options if you want to gobble yours in the privacy of your own home. These are Napoli-style pizzas, with a slightly crunchier base, quality tomato sauce, with toppings on the sparser end of things- but the super sound staff allow for some customisation. They've also a solid drinks list- of cocktails, beer and wine selections to wash it all down.

Go for? After work meal to decompress

Rita's opens Monday to Sunday from 17.30. 

16. Stone

Location: Stoneybatter, Dublin 7

Stoneybatter locals will have nothing but good things to say about Stone, who serves Neapolitan pizzas to the masses. They do a great early bird deal on a Wednesday and Thursday - a pizza and a pint or glass of wine for just €17.50 between 5pm and 7pm.

Stone uses high-quality fresh ingredients, and provides a good amount of crust for dipping purposes, which is an essential new-age tradition when it comes to pizza eating.

While Stone has a pizza for every dietary requirement (meat eaters, veggies, vegans) you can also create your very own pizza if you think you can whip up something better than what is on offer.

Go for? That sweet early bird deal

Stone opens for dine-in and takeaway. 

15. PI

Locations: George's Street & Temple Bar

You were lucky to get a booking at PI in the first few months of its life when it opened in 2018. Only open for five years, this pizzeria has opened a new spot in Temple Bar in the last few months, spreading its cheesy gospel into Dublin's tourist hub.

The crust has that Dalmatian spot effect, with large air bubbles that mean you won't feel too weighed down following a pizza here, but it's the super fresh tomato sauce that has people raving about PI long after they've finished their meal. Couple that with a beautiful setting and super knowledgeable staff, and you're onto a winner.

Go for? A more premium pizza experience

Take a look at PI's offerings HERE

14. Goats Gruff

Location: Strawberry Hall, Dublin 20

While Goats Gruff is possibly best known for their toasties, they have a few more tricks up their sleeves, one of them namely being pizza. Not only do they wood-fire the toasted sandwiches, but they also wood-fire their pizzas in a 400-degree oven.

Goats Gruff has nine Neapolitan pizzas on the menu, including a vegan pie for all the non-dairy and non-meat eaters out there. The pizzas are a reasonable 12-inch size, with their most expensive option costing €15, which ain't too bad for Dublin.

Go for? The top-notch garlic mayo

You can order a wood-fired pizza from Goats Gruff on their website. 

13. The Lab

Location: Thomas Street, The Liberties

Part- science lab part pizza place, The Lab on Thomas Street do a bang-up job of serving some truly tangy sourdough pizza bases- wood-fired with a crust that is chewy, crispy and airy. They've some unusual options on the menu- which are far from your run-of-the-mill pizza pis. These are extremely filling, we would recommend sharing a pizza between two if you aren't too hungry!

Go for? Pizza that will fill you up 48 hours

The Lab is nestled in Dublin 8

12. Paulie's Pizza


Location: Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Paulie's Pizza is the kind of restaurant you would almost walk right by and think nothing of it. It's a relatively small spot, with limited seating, but if you can manage to book a table, it is well worth it.

They do three different kinds of pizza: Napoli, New York, as well as House Creations. The Napoli has a regular crust with all your classic toppings, the New York has a thinner crust with NYC-inspired toppings, and the House Creations are what they sound like. A pizza will set you back between €17.50 and €19.50 (with one vegan number for just €13.50) and any D4 dweller will urge you to try this place.

Go for? Cosy catch up with pals

Paulie's Pizza opens daily, you can make a booking on their website

11. Forno 500

Location: Dame Street, Dublin 2

Sourdough has truly taken over the bread game, and Forno 500 use it to make their pizza bases. They pride themselves on the slightly chewy, dense crust as opposed to the crispy (pancake over crepe people, this is for you) and top each pizza with the Naples essentials - extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil.

Forno 500 is less about toppings and more about the foundation of the pizza so if you like your pizzas without the fuss, then get down to Dame Street.

Go for? Some good soakage pre-night-out

Forno 500 open daily from 12pm until late

10. Dublin Pizza Company

Locations: Glasthule & Aungier Street

Dublin Pizza Company just know what they're doing when it comes to pizza - it's that simple. The company started after a trip to Naples that involved learning the art of pizza making, before returning to Ireland to put these new skills to the test. DPC then built a polytunnel (yes, you read that right) in order to achieve the freshest ingredients possible.

In the few years it has been running, it frequently passes the lips of Dubliners who are giving their recommendations for the best pizza, and if that's not an indication of excellence, I'm not sure what is.

Go for? A takeaway pizza for a night on the couch

You can get a slice from Dublin Pizza Company in the city centre, or at their Dublin Kitchen Company on Glasthule Road.

9. Bonobo / Kodiak

Locations: Smithfield, Dublin 7 & Rathmines, Dublin 6

Sister restaurants Bonobo and Kodiak team up to provide super fresh pizzas on both sides of the Liffey.

Bonobo in Smithfield has a roasted rosemary sprinkled pizza with potato chunks, pancetta, mozzarella, parmesan and lashings of black pep that has us converted to the white-base way of life.

Kodiak hasn't even been open a year but has already comfortably settled into being a favourite pizza spot on the Dublin south side. They have 12-inch pizzas available, with classics such as Margherita and pepperoni, to slightly more niche offerings like their truffle and orange zest pie.

Go for? White-base pizza that pulls it off

Check out Bonobo and Kodiak's pizzas HERE.

8. Cirillo's

Location: Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2

Started by James Cirillo in 2016, Cirillo's has a long history with Italian cooking. The pizza is cooked in an oven imported from Naples, which burns a blend of Irish oak and ash, with the pizza dough being slow-proved for 30 hours.

Voted the 16th best pizzeria in Europe at the  50 Top Pizza in 2020, it's safe to say that Cirillo's has all the authentic ingredients and practices for some of Dublin's best pizza. You can get 16 different Napoletana pizzas at this city centre location, and the staff are always incredible, which never hurts. The old-school ambience will also transport you into an Italian gangster film - in the best way- or you can join the suits and enjoy yours in Toner's next door!

Go for? Award-winning pizza

Cirillo's opens daily for sit-in, takeaway, and delivery. 

7. Fired Up

Locations: Goatstown, Dublin 14, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, and soon-to-be in Donnybrook, Dublin 4

One of the great success stories from lockdown, Fired Up started flipping pizzas at The Goat Pub in 2020 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Neapolitan in style these doughs can't be rushed, taking 72 hours to rest before being lashed into the wood fire to become crisp on the outside and pillowy inside. They never skimp on the toppings, opting for the very freshest of ingredients, they also go all in on their dips offering a whopping nine- my personal fave is garlic mayo but if you want to dip your pizza in ketchup who am I to judge?

Fired Up have some deece vegetarian offerings including plant-based chorizo - which absolutely hits the spot!

Go for? Quality pizza on the move

Check out Fired Up's menu right here.

6. Bambino

Location: Stephen Street Lower, Dublin 2

We'll always welcome a new pizza-by-the-slice spot to Dublin's fair city with open arms, and when the quality is as exceptional as it is at Bambino's, even more so. I'm a fiend for a bitta sweetness on a pizza, be it derived from a drizzling of honey or pineapple (don't @ me), and the trademark hot honey from this Dublin 2 joint crosses my mind daily.


The ideal quick feed during a day of shopping, lunchtime on your office days - there's no wrong time, really. Bambino is a hyped-up spot in Dublin that deserves every bit of it, and more.

Go for? The hip slice

Bambino opens daily between 12pm and 11pm. 

5. Little Forest

Location: Blackrock

The sister restaurant of Forest Avenue, Little Forest is constantly switching up its pizza menu. Something to note is that they don't always have vegan or veggie options on their menu, and their online menu is only a sample. However, if you eat anything and everything, Little Forest is bound to be a winner.

For groups of six or over, you can only avail of their five-course set menu, which could for example include sourdough, olives, coppa, pesce fritto, crab bruschetta, burrata, and a 12-inch pizza to share between two people, all for €39pp.

Go for? A cheers to the freakin' weekend meal

Little Forest restaurant opens Tuesday through to Sunday; you can check out the opening hours on their website.

4. BoCo

Locations: Bolton Street, Dublin 1 and Clontarf, Dublin 3 

BoCo has fourteen different kinds of pizza at their Dublin 1 location, and they don't shy away from weird and wonderful combinations, with their #7 coming with black pudding and dark chocolate (chocolate on a pizza - now we've seen it all).

BoCo cooks their pizzas in a French oven, not an Italian one, and uses Slovakian dough that has a bit of a tang to it, setting it apart from other pizzerias.

They also have both a veggie and vegan option, as well as loads of sides and a great dessert selection.

Go for? Wacky pizza combinations

Take a look at all BoCo has to offer over on their menu. 

3. Coke Lane Pizza

Locations: Meath Street and Rialto, Dublin 8 

I fell for Coke Lane Pizza like all good romances, swiftly with a high level of obsession and intensity. Since those halcyon Summer days, my love has deepened and developed over time.

Neapolitan in style, the crust is where Coke Lane excels; they leave the toppings on the sparser end of things so as to let the crust speak for itself. The one criticism I have for the pies is that they are definitely on the smaller end of things - but listen they are the only ones to ever ace a Hawaiian so in my book they can do no wrong.

Go for? Lemon aoili - just trust us

You can find Coke Lane Pizza in Lucky's on Meath Street and at The Circular in Rialto.

2. Rascals

Location: Inchicore, Dublin 8 

While Rascals is known as a top Dublin brewery, they also know how to put together a great pizza. From their creative names (The Spud Wiser, The Garden of Eatin') to a varied range of toppings, an evening at Rascals with one of their beers in hand and one of their pizzas in front of you, it's a recipe for a good time.

This year, Rascals has really snuck up on us as one of the best places to go for a pizza and a beer in Dublin, with the relaxed ambience to accompany your meal. Think of that scene in Miss Congeniality where they sneak out - without the neon paint and rave of course.

Go for? Pizza and beer vibes 

Rascals stays open until midnight daily, with the kitchen operating between 4pm and 10pm.

1. Little Richard's

Location: Skerries

If you find yourself in Skerries on one of these fine (rainy) summer days, Little Richard's will sort you out with some grub. They use a traditional wood-fired pizza oven, which was handmade in Italy before being shipped to Skerries, and the result is a slightly smoky crust and perfectly crisped-up toppings.

The key to a perfect pizza is the freshness of the ingredients, and Little Richard's makes sure to source their ingredients locally in order to achieve this.

Go for? A post seaside walk pie. 

Little Richard's is closed on a Monday and Tuesday, opening Wednesday through to Sunday.

Have we missed any? Let us know!


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