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22nd Apr 2024

Best way to get from the airport to Dublin city centre?


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One of the first intros to a new country is how you journey from the airport into the city, sadly Dublin gives visitors one of the worst introductions, being one of the few large airports in Europe that do not have a direct rail link to the city. Visitors and locals rely mainly on buses, taxis and drop-offs from friends and families to get to and from the airport into the city centre. Here are your options if you find yourself going to or from the airport:

Dublin Bus

Depending on where you need to get to in the city, buses are undoubtedly the cheapest and easiest way to get to the airport. Dublin bus routes 41 or 16 will bring you right into the city centre and invariably won’t be too far away from where you are staying. Dublin buses don’t take card and don’t give physical change for notes, so you are best off buying a regular Leap Card in an airport newsagent (should cost €5) and topping it up by a small amount, it should be around €2 to go into the city centre, and you’ll also be able to use this card for discounted travel on all Dublin buses/on the Luas during your stay.

Private Buses

There are some great companies operating very regular routes to and from the airport, including Dublin Express, Air Coach, Airport Hopper and Dublin Coach. You can buy tickets ahead of time, there are plenty of buses running throughout the day (mostly 4 every hour), they are typically very prompt, and there’s plenty of room for luggage. Many of them take the Port Tunnel which is a direct (albeit expensive) route from the m50 northbound into the city centre, this route cuts down a lot of journey time and reduces the potential time spent in traffic. Dublin Express is generally how I get to and from the airport, it’s very reliable and while it’s not the quickest way to the airport it is saving me a bomb on taxis.


In terms of convenience catching a taxi is definitely the easiest way to get to the airport, although there are a few drawbacks. Price is a big consideration, given the distance to the airport depending on where you are setting out from and the time of day, the trip could cost anything from €30-70. If you are going early in the morning/late at night it can be helpful to pre-book with a taxi company and you typically agree on a price ahead of the journey. There are a lot of variables when using taxi apps like FreeNow or Lynk, depending on the time of day, availability of drivers, and the number of passengers looking for lifts. Traffic can be a big consideration depending on the time you are planning on heading to the airport, most people would either be travelling through the city centre or the M50 to get to the airport, which are the main arteries into and out of the city and are notoriously busy as a result. If you need to arrive at the airport during these busy times, it is wise to leave upwards of an hour to get there, as you truly never know what the roads of Dublin will hold.

Drive and park the car

Bit of a no-brainer for people who live far away from public transport and have the money to do it. The ease of being able to park the car and hop into it when you are done with your holiday is a big plus, but the prices for car parking can be a little bit too much for some folks (especially on top of paying for a holiday). There is a variety of car parking that you can choose from, from short-term to long-term and the prices do vary depending on which one you opt for. I’ve personally found the long-term to be a great option, it is a bit further out but you can still use it for short-term breaks. If you are planning on driving and parking, be sure to book your car parking well in advance as they frequently sell out, especially during busy periods.

Hope this helps, enjoy your stay!

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