Conor McGregor lays out shock plan to run for President in 2025

By Callum Boyle

December 5, 2023 at 1:17pm


Michael D Higgins leaves his role in 2025.

Conor McGregor has signalled his intention to run for the Irish Presidency in 2025.

The MMA fighter, who is reportedly being investigated by the Gardaí for incitement of hatred following the Dublin riots in November, has written to his Twitter/X followers about his "potential competition".

The 35-year-old mentions Gerry Adams, Bertie Ahern, Enda Kenny as his competition for the role, which will be vacated in 2025 after Michael D Higgins' second term ends.

Adams has previously ruled out a run for office in the future, however former Taoiseach Ahern has said "never say never".


One of the main highlights to McGregor's argument was his youth compared to his potential competitors, however in his Tweet, he got all three former political leaders’ ages wrong, claiming Adams is 78, when he’s 75, Ahern is 75, when he’s 72, and Kenny is 74 — he’s actually 72.

Conor McGregor hints at shock Irish presidency run

In his tweet, the ex-UFC champion said: "Potential competition if I run. Gerry, 78. Bertie. 75. Enda, 74. Each with unbreakable ties to their individual parties politics.


"Regardless of what the public outside of their parties feel. These parties govern themselves vs govern the people.

"Or me, 35. Young, active, passionate, fresh skin in the game. I listen. I support. I adapt. I have no affiliation/bias/favoritism toward any party.

"They would genuinely be held to account regarding the current sway of public feeling. I’d even put it all to vote. There’d be votes every week to make sure. I can fund.

"It would not be me in power as President, people of Ireland. It would be me and you."


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