Dublin 7 bar to host Hot Ones style chicken wing eating contest

By Katy Thornton

February 24, 2023 at 11:28am


Careful around the eyes there.


Think you can handle hot sauce? The Back Page in Phibsborough are playing hosts to a new chicken wing eating challenge, and they have infamous Hot Ones hot sauces in the mix to (literally) spice things up.

If you're unfamiliar with the iconic talk show, Hot Ones is hosted by Sean Evans on YouTube, where he interviews celebrities while eating wings coated in hot sauce. Each sauce is hotter than the last, or further up the Scoville ladder, and with each wing it gets more difficult to answer the question at hand.


At The Back Page no questions will be asked; you just have to eat 12 chicken wings alla Fowl Play BBQ as fast as you can, ten of which will be covered in regular hot sauce, and two that will, in their words, "blow your head off".

Once you've finished the wings, each contestant must wait out a "cooldown" period of five minutes, where they can't get up, take a drink, wash their hands, and most importantly, touch their eyes. The person who completes this fastest will be the champion, winning a €50 voucher for their efforts.

And just to be nice, there will also be a free participation pint for all who enter the contest.

Unfortunately Sean will not be in attendance helping each contestant get through their bucket, but he'll be with you in spirit. Particularly when a wing with Da Bomb Beyond Insanity hot sauce passes your lips.


So, are you up for this Hot Ones style contest in Dublin? Have your "Look at us, who'd have thought, not me" Paul Rudd moment.

This Fowl Play BBQ contest takes place every Thursday at The Back Page from 7pm.

Header image via YouTube & Intstagram/the_back_page

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