4 uplifting events to check out in Dublin over Christmas and New Year's

By Sarah McKenna

December 21, 2023 at 9:59am


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Get out of the Christmas pjs, rally your pals and get booking tickets to these festive experiences

There's something particularly magical about the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year's. The city is alight with sparkle, our friends are in town and we have plenty more free time to relax and unwind. If you're looking to maximise the next few weeks with some unforgettable events, we've teamed up with 7UP to bring you four experiences to add to your planner. From a dazzling play in The Gate to memorable Christmas lights experiences, these events, much like the tasty 7UP Zero Sugar, are bound to lift your spirits. So grab a refreshing 7Up Zero, round up your mates and keep those festive vibes going with these uplifting events:

4. Wild Lights

Dublin Zoo, more info here


The award-winning night-time spectacular is back for another year of dazzling illumination. Step into Dublin Zoo and explore the world of magic, where you'll be greeted by fairies, mythical creatures and an abundant candy land. Visitors will also get the chance to meet Dublin Zoo's nocturnal keepers and learn about the animals in their care. Wild Lights is open Monday to Sunday from 5pm to 9pm and it runs until 7 January.

3. Christmas Twinkling Lights Trip with Vintage Tea Trips

Starts from Temple Bar's Essex Street, more info here

Climb on board one of the Vintage Tea Trip busses and you'll have the opportunity to explore Dublin City like never before. During their Christmas Twinkling Lights Trip, you'll be welcome to indulge in a festive afternoon tea as you feast your eyes on Dublin's most iconic buildings, now decked out in Christmas lights. As you journey through the city, you'll enjoy a soundtrack of Christmas music with a coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a non-alcoholic glass of bubbly in hand.


2. Dublin Winter Lights

Merrion Square Park, more info here

The elegant Merrion Square Park has been transformed into a winter wonderland by Dublin City Council. Step into the park (tickets cost just €2) and enter a world of stories, playfulness, interactivity, lighting and projections. Dublin Winter Lights is open until 22 December, and the first slot at 5 pm allows those who identify as neurodiverse to enjoy the experience in a more relaxed environment with more space, no music and a designated sensory unit away from the lights and sounds.

1. Peter Pan


The Gate Theatre, more info here

The beloved J.M. Barrie play has been given a thoroughly Irish update in this new production of Peter Pan, reimagined by Roddy Doyle. The setting of this enchanting play has been transported from Georgian England to 20th Century Dublin, and sees the Darling children, Nana, Peter Pan and the Lost Boys take on a distinctly Dublin flavour. Catch Peter Pan before he flies away on 14 January.

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