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18th Nov 2021

Nightclubs all over Dublin are operating with earlier closing times following government announcement

Fiona Frawley

And you’d better believe Coppers is on the list.

As of midnight tonight, an earlier closing time of 12am will come into place officially for Irish pubs, nightclubs and restaurants as part of the Government’s latest set of Covid restrictions. The curfew has been met with mixed reviews and criticism, but nightclubs across Dublin are finding ways to adapt. The nightlife industry will stay alive, it’ll just kick off at an earlier hour. And sure with the evenings so dark these days, who’d really notice the difference? Here’s a list of clubs you can hit up for an early evening bop, allowing you to be home in bed by a reasonable hour.


Everyone’s fave Harcourt spot will be operating during the earlier hours of 6pm-12am, with free entry before 8. We’ll see you in the basement, singing your heart out to Mr. Brightside.

The Academy

We covered this update in more detail yesterday, and we’re buzzed to hear The Academy will remain open between the earlier hours of 7pm and midnight.

Tengu at Yamamori

The disco ball will continue to spin at this vibe-y North Quays spot, between the hours of 8 and 12.

The George

12am is the new 3am at the George, where you’ll still be able to get your fix of live DJs and drag performances between the hours of 5pm and midnight.


Keep on dancing the night/early evening away in the Diceys beer garden, with tickets available for their earlier club nights operating from 4pm til midnight.

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