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21st Nov 2022

Security guard suspended from The Academy following racism allegations

Katy Thornton

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An internal investigation has been opened.

Popular Dublin venue The Academy has taken the decision to suspend a member of its security staff following a verbal altercation that took place outside the nightclub last weekend.

Video footage of the exchange, which took place on Saturday night (19 November), has circulated on social media in the past 24 hours, fuelling allegations of racism against the staff member.

The video depicts a man being refused entry to the Abbey Street venue by door staff. The man proceeds to calmly ask the door staff why other people were let in instead of him. Upon asking why he is not being allowed in, a member of the security team says:

“He doesn’t have to give a reason. It’s private property. Come on man, simple as. It’s common sense.”

Staff are also captured on film telling him that there are no more tickets available.

“Is there not?” asks the man. “But they bought tickets there at the door,” he says, pointing at other people who were granted entry.

“So how come they all went in but you didn’t let me and my boy in?” he asks. Later, he challenges the security member to “Come on, say it, say it” in terms of clarifying precisely why he was denied entry to the club.

The video, which originated on TikTok, has received almost 350,000 views on Twitter at the time of writing on Monday afternoon.

A formal investigation has been launched by Shine, the management company that operates The Academy. Its full statement regarding the incident reads:

“We are deeply concerned by the video circulating on social media of an incident outside The Academy on Saturday night during our weekly late night club.

“As a result, a member of the Event Sec security team has been suspended from duty pending further detailed investigation.

“In the interim, a new door team will be in operation at the venue from today, at our request.

“We would take this opportunity to reach out to the person impacted in this video, and we wish to invite him back to the venue, and will be arranging asap.”

The statement was welcomed by UK musician Jacob Banks, who previously commented regarding the video saying that he would refuse to play his scheduled gig on Monday evening at The Academy unless the situation was addressed immediately.

“The video suggests that it’s racism at play,” Banks tweeted.

“I need answers, an apology and compensation offered to the gentleman in the video,” Banks added.

Following the release of the Shine/Academy statement on Monday, Banks said: “Thanks for doing the right thing, see you tonight Dublin.”

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