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04th Dec 2023

United States Senator Bernie Sanders to headline Dalkey Book Festival 2024

Katy Thornton

The Dalkey Book Festival line-up continues to slap

To the untrained ear thoughts of a book festival held in the salubrious suburb of Dalkey might seem a dry, wholly uninteresting series of talks and events. However, the festival continues to have some of the best line-ups in the country and attract some world-class names. Campaign for the booker of the Dalkey Book Festival to take over the Late Late Show programming?

Last year, the festival was graced by one of the biggest actors of contemporary history, Tom Hanks, who was promoting his novel The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece. Hanks was also joined by Bono, Brian Cox, Ruby Wax, Dylan Moran, to genuinely name but a few.

During a time when festivals are dropping headliners to pique potential festival-goers’ interests, the Dalkey Book Festival have announced that none other than former Presidential election candidate, activist and all-round sounder Bernie Sanders will be appearing. Sanders is the first of the 2024 line-up to be announced, but what a name to announce off the bat, we can only imagine how good the rest of the line-up will be.

The self-described Democratic Socialist, Sanders is an independent but chooses to caucus with the Democrats in the Senate. He’s had a storied career in politics, rising from the mayor of his hometown in Burlington, Vermont to the U.S. House, then the Senate. Back in 2016, he was viewed as an unofficial but widely acknowledged leader of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, his proposed policies of free tuition at all public colleges and a Medicare-for-all health system were firmly to the left of Hillary Clinton (who was ultimately named the Democratic nominee). His 2016 presidential campaign led to a resurgence of interest in social democracy and democratic socialism among millennials. His candid authenticity appealed to younger voters, alongside his consistent commitment to economic inequality reform and closing the inequality gap.

With the festival occurring ahead of the 2024 presidential election, Sanders will no doubt have some incredible insights to share. Who knew that the Dalkey Book Festival would be a silent line-up hit?

The Dalkey Book Festival will be on from the 13th to the 16th of June 2024, in yes you guessed it Dalkey, for more info head over to the website.

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