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01st Sep 2023

Underground collective launch a night in Dublin’s largest underground club space

Emily Mullen

Saving Dublin nightlife one club night at a time

The steady decline of club spaces has been much discussed, with closures coming thick and fast in the last few years with rising rents, COVID setbacks, high insurance and a plethora of other issues organisers have had to reckon with. A recent report from District Magazine found that the number of late-night venues in Dublin has fallen from 41 to just 19 in the last ten years, with notable closures like District 8, Hangar, and ALT leaving a gaping hole in the nightlife fabric of the city. The report also found a serious capacity issue despite the city’s growing population, the findings showed that Dublin’s late-night venue capacity stood at 11,000 in 2022 compared to 25,000 in 2012.

Underground collective The Shed Residents have launched a club night this month in Dublin’s largest underground club, Here & Now. The aptly named #SAVETHENIGHT club night will see renowned Berlin-based DJ, Dr. Rubinstein, headline, alongside a roster of incredible international and Irish DJs. Taking place on Friday, September 29th, this is Ireland’s first #SAVETHENIGHT event, a global initiative from Jägermeister which aims to support and foster nightlife around the world. Launched in 2020 the campaign initially supported nightlife communities during Covid and since then has supported more than 1,500 artists, creatives, and bartenders across over 60 countries.

It’s part of a handful of campaigns and movements in the city, aimed at highlighting the serious lack of club spaces for clubbers, and the struggles of operating in a struggling nightlife industry. According to Laura Butler Synnott, Brand Manager for Jägermeister Ireland, “The night is more than a time of day – it’s a space for freedom, fun, authenticity, and this is precisely why it is such an essential part of Irish culture and one worth saving. As a brand deeply rooted in nightlife, it is our mission to support creatives like The Shed Residents who are instrumental in shaping Ireland’s nightlife landscape, both today and tomorrow”

The Shed Residents have made their mark on the scene, hosting a series of club nights last summer. Their rapid success is a testament to the abundance of talent in Ireland and reflects the demand for a more extensive club scene in Dublin. Co-founder, Steven McCabe said, “Despite the obvious challenges we face, there is a thriving nightlife community here who are putting in hard work and trying to tap into the great potential the sector has. Four out of five nightclubs have closed since 2020. #SAVETHENIGHT sets out to protect and preserve nightlife culture in Ireland, giving creatives like us the platform to connect with our audience, creating the best nights possible. Come, lose yourself in the moment and help us celebrate and support Ireland’s nightlife industry.”


Russian-born Israeli Marina Rubinstein AKA Dr. Rubinstein will bring her infectious energy, impeccable selections spanning multiple genres and decades, and acid basslines to Dublin’s Here & Now. Berlin-based, she has a big international following in the underground music scene without the backing of a label. She performs in BASEMENT NY, Fuse and De School, as well as being a regular act at Berghain’s Klubnacht events and headlining major electronic festivals including Dekmantel, Melt! and Sónar.

Other acts on the bill include UK-based IMOGEN , the DJ / producer whose whirlwind rise and reputation as one of the most talented newcomers on the scene has seen her play Berghains Saule, muta.bor, Herrensauna, Printworks, Dimensions etc.

Emerging from the vibrant Irish music scene, Jon10 commands the realm of hard groove techno with an unwavering passion for electronic music. His magnetic productions and masterful DJ performances distinguish him as an artist who consistently delivers unforgettable sonic journeys that blend the raw energy of hard groove techno with a modern edge.

DJ & Producer, CULT has gathered momentum and built a legion of loyal listeners who have come to expect nothing but pure and proper productions, toggling between tribal and old-school techno. The warm and punchy low end is a constant component of a CULT track, laying the foundations for the tribal drum demolition.

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