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01st Sep 2023

Rascals’ new special says when life gives you lemons, put them on a pizza

Katy Thornton

Pineapple is quaking in its controversial boots.

Rascal’s in Inchicore have just launched five new pizzas as we head into September, and one of them is a little bit out there, but we think it might just work.

The Taylor Swift has a garlic base, with buffalo mozzarella, razor-thin roasted sliced potato, fresh rosemary, Wooded Pig pancetta, and Gorgonzola.

The Taylor Swift

The Med For It is a Mediterranean style vegan pie with a tomato base, roasted aubergine, courgette, Kalamata olives, balsamic glaze, oregano, rocket and walnuts.

The Long Mile Rhodes is an ode to Greece, with tomato sauce, mozzarella, spinach, Kalamata olives, broccoli, feta cheese, red onion and a sprinkling of oregano, while the Holy Cheesus makes the most of those strong flavours, using mozzarella, smoked Applewood, Gorgonzola, topped with house-made chilli jam and chopped fresh chives.

Lemon… on a pizza?

However, the one we’re most interested in has got to be The Lemon Belly, for the simple fact that it has lemon all over it. While once upon a time I would’ve shouted “Blasphemy” at such a pizza, the lemon mayo dip from fellow Dublin pizza spot Coke Lane has shown us the light, that lemon might just belong on pizza, as we have been slow to accept of pineapple.

The Lemon Belly, which will only feature on the menu for the month of September, consists of mozzarella, crispy pancetta, chopped chives, sliced lemon, all atop a garlic base.

The Lemon Belly

Being a firm pineapple on pizza gal, I’m kind of into it honestly.

Rascals co-founder Emma Devlin said this of their new creation: 

“We’re always trying out new recipes and seeing what sort of flavours work here at Rascals HQ. Our head chef Felipe is a big fan of experimenting with the more ‘experimental’ toppings, as well as making simple classic pizzas taste even better. Sliced lemon might seem unusual, but along the Amalfi coast in Italy, where lemons grow aplenty, you’ll often find them incorporated into local pizzas through a variety of ways. They bring a remarkable flavour to a pizza. We’ve also created a new vegan offering and we’re making the most of our partnership with The Wooded Pig sustainable farm by introducing a new potato and pancetta pizza. There’s something for everyone!”

Don’t knock it until you try it.


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