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26th Oct 2021

An ode to Coppers following the long awaited reopening last weekend

Fiona Frawley

After 19 long months without a sniff of the shift, it’s not surprising Coppers was the first place many people headed straight for on Friday.

You probably saw the videos of Friday night’s queue, and the subsequent announcement that Coppers would be strictly over 23’s for the rest of the weekend.

The online response to the never ending line was mixed, some took to Twitter to ask – why Coppers of all places? Others took their hats off to the youth of Ireland for getting back out there after all this time. In fairness, if you’re a young whipper snapper who did college from home last year and haven’t had the chance to bust out the moves to When You’re L0oking Like That since turning 18, where else would you be going?

However, one viral Twitter thread has had everyone who’s ever darkened the Coppers doorway or spent most of their 20s trying to swindle a gold card feeling extremely nostalgic.

Coppers stan Catherine Aisbitt stressed in her wistful thread:

First off – I hate Ed Sheeran, I’m not a guard and I loved Hangar, love MotherDublin and am so saddened to see amazing nightclubs and club nights being lost to hotel development, and recognize #clubbingisculture – but To deny Coppers as a culture is to deny Irish culture. 

She speaks fondly of the varying clientele, from GAA fans in their 60s to high profile Irish rugby players, speaks about wheelchair accessibility at Coppers and credits the Dublin club for leading her to her husband. Definitely worth a read if you spent the best years of your life queuing down Harcourt Street, eagerly anticipating a dance and the shift. Read the rest HERE.

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