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17th Nov 2021

How The Academy are adapting to the latest set of restrictions

Fiona Frawley

They kept us laughing over lockdown with their iconic door signs, and we were so delighted to see them open once more in October after so many months in the dark.

Between October 22nd and now, The Academy has provided so many nights for Dublin to remember. From their epic reopening which culminated with an elated dance floor bopping away to Maniac 2000, to Gemma Dunleavy’s epic sold out show during which Up De Flats could be heard in the burbs, their return has been the stuff of dreams. After yesterday’s Government announcement confirming a 12am closing time for clubs, pubs and restaurants, The Academy have decided to adapt and keep the party alive, with earlier club nights happening from this weekend onwards.

The earlier club nights will kick off at 7pm and finish at 12am sharp, and will continue until The Academy can operate with regular club hours once more. All Covid measures will still be adhered to, with EU Digital Covid Certs and ID required for entry.

In the post on Insta, The Academy said:

We know this isn’t clubbing as you know it and this is new to ourselves also but we hope with your support – we can fill our dancefloors earlier and keep moving forward through this complicated time.

Tickets are available from The Academy WEBSITE now and any club show tickets already purchased for this weekend will still be valid.

And, as expected, their sign will continue to be an apt commentary on the times.

Header image via Instagram/academydublin

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