6 cosy spots to escape the rain in Dublin city centre

By Katy Thornton

September 22, 2022 at 9:01am


Caught in the rain without an umbrella?


It's an occupational hazard getting caught in an unforgiving downpour in this weather, and yet, it always seems to come out of the blue for us. Forgive us for wanting to live recklessly and leave the house without a brolly, even in a country as rainy as Ireland. If you're in dire need of somewhere cosy to dry off, and maybe enjoy something warm like a coffee or some soup, check out some of our fave haunts in Dublin city centre to escape the rain.

The Cheeky Piglet

Location: Fumbally Lane

Myself and my colleagues have escaped the rain by stumbling into The Cheeky Piglet a fair few times now. This Dublin 8 spot is ideal if you're in need of some comfort food as well as shelter. They have loads of seating, both indoors and outdoors (covered), and they do all-day breakfast, as well as soups, sambos, and gnocchi.

Blackberry Café


Location: Liberties Distillery Building

This sambo spot has also provided a safe haven for me from rainy weather, with a warm interior and plenty of space to sit down. Blackberry Café does coffee, huge sandwiches, as well as a range of sausage rolls (both meaty and veggie) and lovely sweet treats. 10/10 would visit when it's raining (and when it isn't) again.

KC Peaches

Multiple Locations

There are three KC Peaches locations in Dublin city centre, Stephen's Green, Nassau Street, and Dame Street, so perfect no matter where you've got caught in the rain. My personal favourite is the Dame Street spot, as you can watch the world go by from their upstairs seating area. Plus there's nothing cosier than witnessing the downpour outside while being warm and dry inside.


Brother Hubbard

Multiple Locations

Another spot that has covered outdoor seating is Brother Hubbard. There's three in the Dublin city centre (Arnott's, Harrington Street, Capel Street) where you can escape the rain while feeling cosy and enjoying a coffee and some food. While it may be rainy and miserable outside, it's not that cold (for Ireland) so a covered outdoor spot can be just the thing; if that's not for you each location also has ample indoor seating as well.


Location: Grand Canal Dock

Another cosy location to escape the rain in Dublin is Nutbutter. The flexitarian restaurant sits at Grand Canal Dock with a stellar view, as well as hanging egg chairs, a stunning combination. Let the rain fall down, Hilary Duff style, and enjoy some wholesome and healthy food from Nutbutter, and maybe some broth or one of their sweet treats too.


One Society

Location: Lower Gardiner Street 

One Society doesn't take bookings, so walk right in if you're trying to get out of the downpour. With both indoor and covered outdoor seating, this brunch spot in Dublin 1 is perfect for cosy vibes and comfort food, serving pancakes during the day and pizza in the evening.

What's your favourite cosy spot in Dublin city centre to escape the rain? Because let's be honest, it is essential that we all have one given where we live.

Header image via Instagram/onesocietycafe


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