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03rd Jun 2022

7 Dublin food spots you should prioritise this June

Emily Mullen

June arrives with a clatter and a bang. Clanking onto the calendar, clinking a glass and loudly announcing that Summer has indeed arrived. The month brings with it a strong smell of Dove tan, a trail of novelty drink umbrellas and biodegradable glitter. Signalling the commencement of Summer and all the enthusiasm it holds.

While the month of May can be up for debate, June undoubtably is Summer. Even better, it’s the start of Summer, containing the bets bits of the season, festivals, events, beer gardens and holidays. To help kick off silly season, we’ve whittled all the restaurants, cafes and portholes down to just seven that we would recommend prioritising this June:

7. Fallon and Byrne 

People’s Park, more info here

Pay a visit to Fallon and Byrne before it pulls down the shutters of the pavilion at the People’s Park for the last time. For over seven years the team have served sambos, coffees and breakfasts to the people of Dún Laoghaire in rain, hail and shine. In May, we heard the news that the cafe would be ceasing to operate after June 30th. So if you are around the south side on a sunny day, be sure to pay them a visit and give them a warm goodbye. But Fallon and Byrne stans do not fret, as their spot on Exchequer Street is still alive, kicking (and seeing some of the best products around).

6. The Shelbourne’s The Terrace

27 St Stephen’s Green, more info here

This month one of Ireland’s landmark hotels The Shelbourne opened up their terrace for the extended Summer season. From June until September lucky ducks will be able to sip organic cocktails made up from partner brand Belvedere vodka, in the luxuriant surrounds of the terrace. The classically-styled cocktail menu is only available at The Terrace, where guests can also build-their-own-martini with a lesser spotted Martini Trolley.

5. Happy Endings

Aston Quay, more info here

People have visited restaurants for a lot less than a viral-twinged dessert. But it’s always a good excuse to rock up, shove a napkin under your chin and get ordering. No stranger to fashioning some jazzy creations, the team out in Aston Quay have taken the nostalgia-twinged dessert of Rhubarb & Custard, wrapped it in some pastry and deep-fried it. Distancing themselves from the sometimes diabolical treatment of rhubarb that exists in this country, Happy Endings have given it a more gentle treatment. By gently poaching with ginger and blood orange, pairing with a scoop of scup gelato’s frozen custard before topping it with rhubarb and blood orange syrup. Rhubarb isn’t the only thing they handle well, the team have a great revolving board of street food specials and drinks that are straight out of a Punta Cana fever-dream.

4. Allta 

Trinity Street, more info here

Few companies have tackled the Dublin food scene quite like Allta, even a seasoned observer of the Dublin food scene will struggle to pin them down and predict what their next project is. From pop-up food feasts by the Boyne to the conversion of a car park on Trinity street, anything the team turn their hands to invariably becomes a massive success. Working with Dublin’s pizza maestro Reggie White (previously of Little Forest and Pi), the team have created one of the best parties of the summer set on the Allta rooftop, complete with live music and dj’s, cocktails and “wine from magnums”. The first date has sold out but there has been two more dates added if you jump on it.

3. It’s a Trap

Aungier Street, more info here

After a challenging 2021, the team behind It’s a Trap regrouped and worked towards opening a new location. The team have been hard at work setting up the cafe Aungier Street, painting errything that moves the signature black and pink. The spot opened on May 28 and there’s no better place for your oat latte and tofu scramble wrap needs.

2. Bambino

Stephen Street, more info here

Now talk to any Dubliner and they will agree that while the pizza scene has ramped up several notches in the last few years, but there isn’t quuuuite enough by-the-slice pizzas available (bar DiFontaine’s who have been doing the lords work since 2002). Enter Bambino the doughy baby of Shane Windrum (formerly of Little Forest and Pi), who just started slinging NYC style slices that come in up to 10 different styles – “some vegan, some not, some red, some white, some round, some square”. There’s also rumours of an upcoming collab with Windrum former colleague Reggie White, which would truly make 2022 the Summer of the pizza.

1. Amuri

Chatham Street, more info here

Italy and Summer go together like a Dublin seagull and an abandoned bag of chips: feverishly well. Thanks to Ryanair we can hop on a cheap flight and after some discomfort exit the plane and commence stuffing our faces to our heart’s content. Aiming to capture some of that magic (without having to wait on the tarmac), two Sicilian brothers Luca and Andrea have launched Amuri. The name meaning love, is indicative of the interior and indeed the food available at Amuri, comforting, squidgy and calming (like all good love).

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