Tips and tricks for nabbing a taxi in Dublin right now

By Katy Thornton

May 31, 2022 at 4:23pm


Needing some handy tips on how to get a taxi in Dublin at the moment?


The taxi situation in Dublin is a little dire, to say the least, so much so that it would almost discourage you from heading into town. With no quick fix in sight, we've put together some tips and tricks on the best ways to nab a taxi in Dublin when you're stuck. We also got in touch with Bolt Ireland to get some top tricks from the people who ought to know.

Carry cash

I've found one of the main deterrents for a passing taxi is my lack of cash. Yes, some are happy to have you stop at an ATM on the way home, but rather than risk it, or increasing the cost of your taxi, just ensure you have some cash on you.

Sharing is caring

Operations Manager for Bolt, James Bowpitt says this on sharing taxis home:


"The most simplistic tip is to try and share a taxi if you can. The fewer people needing taxis because more people are sharing one means that more people can get home. That's obviously not always practical because people live on different sides of town, but it's with consideration if possible."

Leave half an hour before closing time

If you're heading to an event, much as it may be tempting to stay until the very end, your chances of nabbing a taxi will be much higher if you just leave a little earlier.

Have multiple taxi apps on your phone

While you may have a favourite taxi app to order from, consider downloading more than one. Sometimes one company will be slammed with requests, whilst another may be more flexible. It's free to download the apps, so get them all onto your phone; FREENOW, Bolt, etc.

Position yourself on the left side of the street


Bowpitt made this point about making sure you get to the left side of the street when trying to get a taxi.

"If you're trying to grab one off the street, the best thing you can do is position yourself on the left hand side of the road on a street that is approaching a busy area. So say you're somewhere in Ranelagh. You want to be on a main street that's a little bit before you get to all the bars and pubs so you can nab that taxi before it arrives to where everyone would be waiting."

Which leads well into the next point, which is:

Move away from prime spots

On this Bowpitt says:

"Another thing to do is walk away from crowded areas. For example, if you're in Temple Bar, don't stand on the corner and order one. Walk four or five blocks and get away from the main hustle and bustle.That way you have a better chance of the driver accepting the trip."


Walk to a taxi rank

Trying to hail a taxi off the street is a little like fighting for resources in The Hunger Games, particularly if it's outside a club on a Friday or Saturday night. You may have to wait in the queue for a while, but at least a taxi will eventually come your way if you're standing at a rank.

Preorder a taxi

Now, preordering won't always be available, particularly if it's late at night. But getting taxis in and out of town is difficult in Dublin now, and one of our top tips is to preorder one ahead of your night out.


Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you out the next time you're trying to nab a taxi in Dublin. May the odds be ever in your favour.


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