7 of the tastiest foods you can get on a stick in Dublin

By Fiona Frawley

September 16, 2022 at 12:37pm


Name a better method of food presentation. We'll wait.

It's 2022 and life is busy. Sure, it'd be nice to sit down and enjoy a five course meal, but time and money rarely allow for that. Food on a stick is convenient, inexplicably tastier than its non-skewered counterparts and let's be honest, it's just fun to eat. If you always make a bee line for the cocktail sausages at family get togethers, you'll appreciate this round up of the tastiest foods you can get on a stick in Dublin.

Cheesy Corn Dog, White Rabbit

Tucked away in the back of an Asian supermarket on Capel Street you'll find white Rabbit, home of this Korean corndog filled with stringy, melty cheese.

Cheesecake on a stick, Pops Cheesecake

If I had my way, I'd be eating my cheesecake off the ground in the hallway of a New York apartment block, Rachel Green style - but on a stick is a close second. Pick one up for yourself at Pops Cheesecake in Dundrum Town Centre.


Skewers from B Skewers

The B Skewers team spent years researching and enjoying barbecued foods from all over the world, with a goal to put them all together and serve them in a way that people would easily understand, a way that would connect them all together...

Spoiler alert - they put everything on a skewer and it's all delicious.

Family Meal, Sticks Dublin

Inspired by the food-on-a-stick tasting menus of Japan, husband and wife duo Kate and Jonny were inspired to create their own series of "flavourbombs" on sticks, featuring everything from pork belly to salt baked celeriac. While they search for a permanent location for their restaurant, you'll find them popping up in venues across Dublin such as Fumbally Stables and Saltwater Grocery. Keep an eye out for their next pop-up HERE.


Crepe on a stick, Mister Magpie

The speciality cafe with locations on Leeson Street and in Ballsbridge serves up delicious crepes of both sweet and savoury varieties and I'm delighted to report they're served on sticks.

Tapioca Dice, Toca Tapioca House

You'll find Ireland's first tapioca house on Fleet Street, serving up these tapioca-based cheese snacks - you guessed it - on a stick.

The Hulu Waffle from Nana's Tea


Pair your boba with a sweet or savoury waffle on a stick from Nana's Tea shop on Wexford Street. There's Oreo Crunch, salted caramel, cheese (my personal favourite) and chocobomb - something for all food-on-a-stick lovers, whatever your taste.


Have any other food on a stick we need to try in Dublin? Let us know!

Header image via Instagram/sticks_dublin

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