Money Tight But Love The Sesh? Here's Seven Charming Cocktail Menus For Under A Tenner

A weekend treat that wont burn a hole in your pocket.

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It happens every week.

You vow to yourself that you're not going to spend your moolah and then a friend you haven't seen in a while messages you for a catch up. Six drinks in and you've blown everything you'd saved that week.


The main reason for this being that Dublin is bloody expensive now and it's tough to get a cocktail for under a tenner.

What has the world come to?

I remember getting cocktails for a fiver in college. Hey, they might not have been fancy AF but they did the job and satisfied the craving.

There are a few places in town however, where you can bag yourself a little bargain when it comes to cocktails. They might not come out of a treasure chest or have a flaming passion fruit floating in them but they are exactly what you want - affordable and tasty.

Here's some of my top picks:

1. 2 For €12 - Bow Lane

If you and your mate get together that's only six quid each - RAPIHHH.

The Martini Matinée offer takes place in Bow Lane every Thursday and Friday from 4-8pm. You can choose between a whiskey sour, a gin cocktail and an espresso martini.


2. 7 For €7 - Saba

Get in to Saba before 7pm and buy yourself a rake of €7 cocktails.

There's seven cocktails to choose from including a Phuket Passion (champagne, passion fruit puree and raspberry liqueur) and a Mojito.

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3. €6-10 Cocktail Menu - Capitol

Ahhh Capitol.

One of the cheapest cocktail menus in the city, this place is a reliable one for when you're broke but still want to go on the sesh.

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4. 2 for 1 @ €13 - Pyg

Pygtails are 2 for 1 in Pyg.

It's usually packed here, so get in as early as you can or all of the couches will be taken.

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5. €5 Cocktails - Alfies

€5 cocktails are key.

Alfies also serves a whopper spread if you're in the mood for nibbles.

Their mac'n'cheese is A1.

Screen Shot 2018 09 14 At 13 19 12

6. €6 Cocktails - Dakota

Signature cocktails for €6.

There's a tonne of seating here so it's the ideal spot for a large group of friends.

7. €9.50 Drinks Menu - R.i.o.t

R.i.o.t is one of the coolest dive bars in Dublin.

They've got a savage menu with even better prices.

A must-visit.

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Sure you wouldn't mind doing rounds when the prices are that good.

Cheers to that!

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