12 Cosy Bits To Keep You Toasty This Winter

The ultimate winter warmers!

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Red eyes, blue toes and runny noses - it can be a struggle to look glam in winter.

All you need is a few cute bits to beat the cold and bring some colour back in your cheeks. Im the coldest person in the world. I've been coming into work with 100 layers on and sleeping at night with two duvets.

Today, I went on a treasure hunt to find the cuddliest items to wrap myself up in.

I know I'm not the only Jack Frost, so to all my friends with bad circulation and shivering shoulders, this is your ultimate winter guide.

You're welcome!

1. Velvet Lining Leggins - Penneys

A winter essential.

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2. Blanket Scarf - Topshop

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3. Hand Warmer - Sostrene Grene

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4. Cosy Gloves - Urban Outfitters

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5. Microwavable Unicorn - Debenhams

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6. Hooded Blanket - Debenhams

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7. Tea Strainer - Article

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8. Vintage Blanket - Industry

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9. Onesie - Penneys

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11. Wooly Throw - TKMaxx

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12. The Infamous Cosy Socks - Penneys

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You'll never feel chilly again!

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