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02nd Apr 2019

These Are The Best Early Birds In Each Postcode In Dublin

Darragh Berry

The early bird no longer catches just the worm, oh no. The early bird gets the tastiest meals at a fantastic price also.

Who doesn’t love eating out but tackling into a full 3-course a couple of nights a week can be expensive.

There is a solution to this which means you can still enjoy your outings for food at while still maintaining a healthy bank balance.

Having a knowledge of a place’s early-bird or pre-theatre menus in Dublin is a must and we’re going to take you through some of our favourites in each postcode around the capital.

We loved to proved wrong, however, so if you disagree with something on the list or feel we’ve excluded a vital spot in Dublin, please let us know in the comments.

Dublin 1 – The Woollen Mills

42 Ormond Quay Lower, North City

We’re going start with a bit of history on our tour of Early Birds. In this iconic building was where James Joyce earned some of his early shillings before setting the world of literature alight.

If it’s a nice-ish day outside (we’d say sunny but we only get one of those days a year), why not sit outside and take in the views of everyone rushing around near the Ha’penny Bridge.

A little bonus treat is the fact that they have their OWN BAKERY. So even if you don’t get time to go for an Early Bird, you can stop buy and purchase some breads, pastries and cakes.

Early Bird – All day, every day 5pm to 6.45pm, Jan – Nov. €24 for two courses or €29 for three courses.

You can find the menu here, if you so wish. The ‘Whiskey and marmalade sticky bacon ribs’ will pique your interest.

Dublin 2 – The Larder

8 Parliament Street

The people come here for their lamb burgers but they stay for their mad selection of craft beers.

Early bird – Two courses at €19.95 or Three courses €23.95. First Four Starters & First Four Main Courses

You can find the menu here and more information on The Larder can be found here.

A very close second is Pichet – and you can find an in-depth review on that here.

Dublin 3 – Kinara Kitchen

318 Clontarf Road

We could have chalked this into the D6 section as it also has a place in Ranelagh but it deserve its place just as much in D3.

This place is home to some of Dublin’s best Pakistani food which is full of flavour.

We’re all about the prawns and the Beef Bhuna but the menu is so yummy, we’ll let you decide for yourself what you want.

Early Bird – Available Friday And Saturday From 4pm With Last Orders Taken At 6.30pm. 2 Courses at €26.50.

You can find more information on Kinara Kitchen here.

Dublin 4 – The French Paradox

53 Shelbourne Road

This French spot is an ideal place for those who want the Early Bird experience while also sipping away on the finest of wines that the capital has to offer.

You can buy wine from their shop or choose from over 60 of their extensive selection of wines by the glass.

They have a tapas menu if you’re in a hurry too but this is one place that you’ll be in no rush out of.

Early Bird – 1 course at €16.95 or 2 courses at €21.95. 6pm-9:30pm.

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You can find the menu here.

Dublin 5 – Mc Hugh’s Wine & Dine

59 St Assans park, Raheny

A modern spot to dine in but one with a wide selection of choice from soup, salad and wings for starters to fish, curry, duck or burgers for main. And with such a good price on the 3 courses, it would be rude not to have at the desserts.

Early Bird – 2 Course at €22 or 3 courses at €26. Available all evening Mon-Thurs and 5pm-7pm Friday and Saturday (EB must be vacated by 8:30pm on Friday and Saturday)

Dublin 6 – Bijou

46-47 Highfield Rd, Rathgar

Bijou is a bistro in art deco style with an outside terrace perfect to enjoy a drink & relax.

Their food is sourced locally giving a fresh feeling to their signature dishes.

Early Bird – 2 Course at €22.00 or 3 Course at €26.95. Available Sun-Thu, All Evening. Friday and Saturday until 6.30pm (tables must be vacated by 8.15pm)

You can find the full menu here.

Dublin 6W – Fifty50

River House, Unit 4, Templeogue

A Mediterranean themed restaurant with Italian influences and also a Traditional touch so there is something to suit every pallet and taste.

They also have a wide selection of wines and craft beers to wash it all down with.

Early Bird – Available 4pm-7pm. 2 Courses at €15.95 or 3 Courses at €19.95

The menu is plentiful and you’ll have no problem finding something you like and the deal for the three courses is actually incredibly cheap.

You can find an in-depth review on Fifty50 herealso.

Dublin 7 – Wuff

Blackhall Place, Smithfield

For starters, there is free Street Parking available between 10am-4pm and after 7pm on Monday to Saturday and it’s free all day Sunday.

So with the euros you saved on the parking, you can go all out and grab three courses to feck.

Another restaurant that covers that ‘something for everyone’ category before you eat your way through an Eton Mess at the end.

Early Bird – Two courses at €20.50 and three courses at €24.50. Only available Thursday 5:30 to 9:30pm and Friday and Saturday from 5:30-7pm.

You can give their menu the full investigation here.

PS. They also made the list of Ireland’s top restaurants in 2017. More information can be found here.

Dublin 8 – F.X.Buckley

28 Parkgate Street

“Serving the best steaks in Dublin” – with an opening line like that, it’s really hard to look past FXB.

A shit load of work goes into getting their steaks up to serving standard but no worries if you’re not into the big stuff, there’s many more options on the list just as nice that aren’t steak related.

Early Bird – 2 courses at €21.95 or 3 courses at €25.95. Sun-Thurs 4pm-7pm and Friday and Saturday 4-6pm.

You can find the menu here and more scrumptious information on FXB here.

Fxb 1

Dublin 9 – The Whitworth At The Porterhouse

Cross Guns Bridge, Glasnevin

Step into a world of craft beer, cocktails and DJs till late every weekend, meaning that Early Bird could turn into a late night cap.

They go off the statement that “not everything in the suburbs is mainstream”

Early Bird – 2 courses plus a pint of Porterhouse beer or a glass of house wine for €20.

We recommend the Wood Roast Salmon Darne on this one and forget the starters, save yourself for their yummy dessert menu but it’s not up to us, have a look at the menu and decide for yourself.

Dublin 12 – Lisle Three Restaurant

3 Lisle Road, Crumlin Village

This little beauty is hidden away in the South Dublin suburb of Crumlin but is that something different and special that you’ve been looking for.

They give food with an “old charm a modern approach” to spice up your early bird. The wild Mushroom Risotto was our choice when we hit this place up and it did the job.

Early Bird – 2 course meal for two people plus a bottle of Kintu house wine all for €50.

Menu can be found here.


Dublin 13 – Brass Monkey

12 West Pier, Howth

If you’re pottering around Howth on an adventure day, then you need to pop into the Brass Money.

Their Early Bird is so cheap but packed with suggestions to cater for even the fussiest of eaters but being honest, you can’t pass up on any of the fish on the menu, especially given its location.

Early Bird – 2 courses for €23.50 or 3 courses for €27 including a tea or coffee. Monday-Wednesday: 12-9pm, Thursday: 12-9.30pm Friday-Saturday: 12pm-7pm (All Early Bird diners must vacate tables by 8.15pm)

You can have a look at the menu here.


Dublin 14 – Ananda

Dundrum Town Centre, Sandyford Road

It’s one of Dublin’s best Indian restaurants and its fine-dining experience is second to none.

We’re talking about a business that collects more awards than a postman collects letters. That’s reason enough to give it a go.

Early Bird – Two courses for €26 Available 5.30pm-7pm Sunday-Friday & Saturday between 5.30pm-6.30pm

Check out the menu here and delve more into the world of Ananda here.

Here’s a handful of the awards that we’re talking about…

Awards D14

Dublin 15 – Maximilians Bistro

Main Street, Blanchardstown

We’re really fond of this place. There’s great food at great value here and what’s most exciting is the fact that the menu changes all the time.

So you have to keep an eye on the website for the different menus that come up every week or two.

Early Bird – 2 courses for €22 or 3 courses for €26.50. From 3pm – 6.30pm, daily.

The different early menus can be found here, here, here anddddd here.

D 15 Max

Dublin 16 – Beeftro

Pembroke District

Beeftro’s aim is to bridge the gap between laid-back bistro dining while still giving you that dirty, ‘get-in-my-belly’, meaty goodness.

Its 1930s retro look really makes the restaurant and upon entering, you wouldn’t actually realise that its meant to be a steakhouse renowned for the best meat in Dublin.

Early Bird – All day Sunday-Thursday, until 6:30pm Friday and Saturday. €19.95 will get you two courses, €24.95 will get you the full whammy.

“We believe our job is also to make our customers discover new things every day,” is their motto but one discovery that has been made time and time again is the fact that they own one of the most amazing burgers in all of Dublin.

You can find their EB menu here and more info on Beeftro can be found here also.

Beeftro D16

Dublin 17 – Siam Thai

1 The Green

Are you looking for some delicious Thai Food? Well, that wait is over folks because here lies a unique Thai restaurant which combines creative and traditional Thai styles of cooking.

While there, why not try out their cocktail emporium at the Candlelight Bar. Also, if you get very friendly with Siam, you could get yourself signed up to a loyalty card where you get 10 points for every €10 spent (100 points = €5).

Early Bird – Two courses + tea/coffee = €24.95 while 3 courses + tea/coffee = €28.95. Mon-Thurs 3:30-6:45, Fri & Sat 3:30-6:30 and Sun 2-6:45.

A menu can be found rightttttt here.

Dublin 18 – Sandyford House

Sandyford Village

The newly renovated bar is trying to spread its wings by appealing to people of all ages while still holding on to the charm that has kept locals coming for generations.

Only the finest of wines, craft beers and cocktails are served in this beautiful establishment which was a famous pit-stop for travellers, revellers, horsemen and ploughmen in the early 17th to early 20th century.

The slow braised, ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ short rib is our recommendation.

Early Bird – Two courses for €18 or 3 Courses for €21. Mon-Thurs 3pm-7pm

You can have a look-see at the menu right this way.

Sandyford House

Dublin 20 – Angler’s Rest

Strawberry Beds, Chapelizod

This has become one of Dublin’s most inviting restaurants, offering an extensive menu and unbelievable food in the “welcoming ambience of its French threadbare-style and elegance.”

And their seafood is still very much their strong (duh, it’s in the name).

Fun little fact: This was considered Michael Collins’ favourite watering hole back in the day. Long day in the office, Mick would ramble in here for a drink or two.

Early Bird – Monday-Friday, 12-7pm. Two Courses for €22, Three Courses for €28 or if you’re in the mood, you can grab a three course meal for two plus a bottle of house wine for €68.

We pick option C, please.

Dublin 22 – Lemongrass

(Beside The Elms Bar) Fonthill Road

Being completely honest with you, you could have any one of the starters in this place and be struggling by the time the main comes out.

So if you’re going for the full hog, you’d want to be pretty empty, but for the price of the three courses, it’d be rude not to. Even if it means complete food sweats for the night.

Early Bird – Two Courses for €20.50 or Three courses for €23.50.

Menu, I hear you ask. Okay, we’ll give it to you – this time.


Dublin 24 – The Blazin’ Grill

Cookstown Way, Belgard Square

This is a family operated restaurant and these lot are a more tight-knit and organised family group than superheroes, The Incredibles.

They produce the finest seafood while also offering a great selection of vegetarian dishes.

As well as those, you can get a class dinner and cinema ticket deal for the IMC cinema in The Square, Tallaght and there’s also a Slimmer’s Choice Menu.

Early Bird – Set Price Menu / Course Priced. Daily from 5pm to 6.30pm. €17.50 for Two Courses or €21.00 for Three Courses.

Many of the options on the menu come with a gluten free option too.

And if you’re still hungry after looking at all of these, we honestly don’t know what to say, fussy feckers.