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01st Mar 2020

Five of the most delicious dishes we tried in February

Alan Fisher

Antisocial cheese toastie

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That month absolutely flew by but here five delicious dishes we ate in February.

Not only did we check out a couple of new openings but, it was also Pancake Tuesday so we divulged in a few different stacks.

From Ramen to toasties and a few pancakes, here five delicious dishes we ate in February:

1) Cheese Toastie

We checked out AntiSocial to see what it was all about as it had just opened.

We were expecting the cool dive bar with some tasty drinks, which we got, but we also got divine toasties that we weren’t expecting.

We’ve never seen so much cheese:

2) Spicy Beef Ramen

Ramen Co is another new opening we got to check out.

It’s based in Rathmines and it serves up big bowls of ramen along with a selection of dumplings.

All of the above were bursting with flavors but the spicy beef ramen stole the show:

3) Blueberry Pancakes

The first on our list from our range of pancakes we tried out was the blueberry pancakes from Avoca in Ballsbridge.

They were incredibly fluffy and stuffed with blueberries and topped with fruit, yogurt, and coulis.

Take a look:

4) Dulce De Leche Pancakes

Next up were pancakes from heaven.

These Dulce de Leche drenched pancakes are from Alma and are topped with orange mascarpone, fruit, and bacon.


See for yourself:

5) Vegan Pancakes

Last but certainly not least are the pancakes from The Carrots Tail.

We were expecting slightly dry and boring pancakes but we got the complete opposite.

They were perfectly moist and fluffy as pancakes should be.

These guys were amazing:

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