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19th Aug 2018

Five Wonderfully Extravagant Mac’N’Cheese Dishes In Dublin Right Now

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Pasta, cheese and… even more cheese.

Mac’n’cheese is one of those dishes that leaves us drooling at the mouth every time it’s even mentioned. It’s stringy, gooey and carby, making it tick all the boxes for when we choose to indulge. Sometimes however, it can be hard to find one that stands out from the rest, that has a distinct and unique flavour. One that offers a little something extra than your average bowl of cheese and pasta.

Here are the most wonderfully extravagant macaroni and cheese dishes in Dublin right now:

1. Skinflint

Mac’n’cheese and bacon must be soulmates. They are literally the perfect pairing.

Skinflint serve this delectable pasta dish wrapped in a serrano ham cup and it’s actually a dream come true. This will be sure to put you in a food coma you’ll never want to come out of.

2. Nice N Cheesy

What’s even more filling and indulgent than mac’n’cheese? Mac’n’cheese in a sambo, of course.

The mac’n’cheese toasty is exactly what we’ve been missing in our lives. Comfort food at it’s absolute best.

Nice n Cheesy can be found in Bushy Park Market every Saturday and Herbert Park Market every Sunday.

3. Mad Egg

Newly opened chicken burger joint, Mad Egg, serves up more than just chicken.

Their mac’n’cheese is sprinkled with crispy, candied bacon bits and it’s saucy AF.

We’ll take the lot!

Img 9787

4. Klaw

This sinful dish comes with the choice to add crab or lobster.

This takes mac’n’cheese to a whole new level.


5. Featherblade

Say hello to truffle mac’n’cheese!

This beauty will change your life. (Or at least your opinion on pasta)

*Homer Simpson drool noise*

Bon Appétit!

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