Lunch Anyone? Here's Seven FAN-F*CKING-TASTIC Sambos To Munch On


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Finding a good sandwich is an essential part of city living. You need to find that special place that can satisfy your lunch needs when they are at an all time high.

Sometimes that soggy shredded lettuce you bought for 49c in the supermarket down the road just wont do for lunch and you crave something a little heartier and more filling. Sambos are a true Irish delicacy, we've been eating them since we were four with billy-roll and the crusts cut off. Since then it's safe to say the sandwich game has reached an all time high and there are some pretty deadly ones out there.

If you've got that rumble below, here's some tasty sandwiches to sort you right out:

1. The Fat Fox

It's no secret that we have a bit of a love affair with this Camden Street café and their delectable sambos are one of the main reasons for it.

Each one is jam-packed with flavour and just the sight of them will leave you drooling.

2. Clanbrassil Coffee Shop

This new tiny café of Clanbrassil Street may look simple but by god do they serve a mighty sambo.

Their kimchi cheese toasty is what dreams are made of tbh.

Time to dig in.

3. Grogan's

Grogan's is one of the most traditional pubs in the city and I literally beam with pride every time I'm in there, it's still managed to keep that old Irish culture and charm.

Behind the bar you will see a fridge with pre-made ham and cheese or cheese and tomato sandwiches. They may be simple but believe me, have one of these with a pint of Guinness by your side and you'll never appreciate a lunch more.

4.Pig And Heifer

Absolutely delicious.

Their taken on a Reuben is A1.

Just look at it:

5. Green Bench

These mouthwatering sambos will change your life.

Why don't I have this in my mouth right now?

6. Juniors

The sammiches of dreams.

Thick, crusty bread and feckin deadly fillings.


7. Deli 147

Top notch grub.

So much choice too so you could have a different sambo from here every day of the week.

Yes please.

Are you as hungry as I am now?

Guess it's time to grab one of these sandwiches!

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