Maynooth as a romcom and 'everything' croissants - 5 things we're Lovin in Dublin this week

By Fiona Frawley

November 24, 2022 at 12:33pm


Welcome to The L List, our weekly round up of things we're Lovin in Dublin across food, culture and craic.

This week, Phoebe Bridgers professed her love for magical Maynooth, we set our sights on Christmas decs and jumpers and Scéal made its hotly anticipated return to Fumbally lane.

Looking for a spot of inspo ahead of the weekend? Let's get into it.

The long awaited Scéal haul

Here at Lovin, we've made no secret of our affinity for Scéal Bakery, and since they cut their visits to Fumbally stables down from weekly to monthly we've been glued to their Instagram, dreaming of the day we'd be able to soak up the smell of their sourdough once more. They made their one-day-only return today with the usual queue winding down the lane, but we managed to secure a pecan pie with chocolate mascarpone and an 'everything' croissant with cream cheese and shredded scallions. It was a 'will we get one of each and share?' type situation, and I personally regret nothing.

Scéal open intermittently at the Fumbally Stables, Dublin 8 - keep an eye on their Instagram for upcoming dates. 


Phoebe Bridgers calls Maynooth a "rom-com"

And she's dead right. It's time to start romanticising our trips to Maynooth.

You may recall the hysteria last Christmas when Phoebe Bridgers and Paul Mescal landed on Grafton Street, before making their way to his hometown in Kildare. We were all consumed with wondering how she was getting on at Midnight Mass, navigating the Roses tin and helping Paul's mam with the stuffing, and she's now confirmed it was the best Christmas of her life. In an interview with Vogue, the Motion Sickness singer said "Last year, I stayed with my boyfriend's family in Ireland. It was full rom-com." She also dubbed it her "best Christmas ever".

Nostalgic Christmas Lights


I know a lot of people tend to stick rigidly to the soft glow of the ✨warm white✨ Christmas lights and of course, I respect that decision, but it's hard to resist these little skirted twinklers from Aldi, which give strong Granny's-tree-in-the-90s vibes. I got these last week in the middle aisle and it's possible they're all gone at this stage (as tends to happen in the middle aisle) but if they look like your kinda thing, it's worth checking if there's still a box or two left in your local store. It's time to diversify our Christmas lights. 


I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy

If you're on the hunt for an un-put-downable read, I highly recommend this memoir from writer, director and former child star Jennette McCurdy about her experiences of being thrust into fame at a young age, working at Nickelodeon and navigating a challenging relationship with her overbearing mother. As you'd imagine, it's fairly devastating, but Jennette's sharp, matter-of-factly retelling of insanely traumatic experiences makes it impossible to look away. One for the Christmas stocking, definitely.


Christmas jumpers from Honey Drip

Let's be honest, you could wear this bad boy all year round. Dublin-based biz Honey Drip has just launched its perfectly low-key Christmas jumper collection, with a choice of Harry Styles, Elf, or the gingerbread man designs. At only €26, you could hardly leave them behind.

Shop Honey Drip's full range HERE.

Same time, same place next week for a fresh round up of things we're Lovin in Dublin!

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