Seven Reliable Dishes In Dublin That Never Let Us Down

Happiness is having your fave food after the longest time

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Sometimes going somewhere new to eat can be stressful.

It's hard to know what you're in the mood for when you're busy or hangry and spending twenty minutes looking at an unfamiliar menu is not ideal.

Today, let's celebrate the reliable spots that never let us down.

Here's seven of old favourites:

1. Soy Garlic Chicken - Crackbird

If you're in the mood for a big basket of fried goodness, there's nowhere better than Crackbird.

There's not much choice on the menu which is ideal, no time wasted trying to find something - it's all just chicken.

You know exactly what you're gonna get here and it always hits the spot.

2. Fungi Pizza - Cotto

Arguably the best pizza in Dublin, Cotto is known for its buttery, crispy base and stringy cheese.

Get yourself some of the garlic dip on the side and have yourself the ultimate pizza party.

Guests include: You, pizza, dip, your mouth.

3. Bunsen

When you want a burger you want a really great burger. A restaurant solely dedicated to this wonderful dish is the only place to go.

Bunsen is a mecca for burger lovers.

SO juicy and tasty, and a choice of handcut or shoestring fries - 100% heaven.

4. Sandwich - Green Bench

Green Bench serve up some of the tastiest sambos in the city.

A classic lunch option.

5. The Ramen Bar

A big hot bowl of meat, noodles, veg and ramen soup.

Like a warm hug.

*cosy feels*

6. Salad Bowl - Industry

If you're on the go and you need something quick, healthy and tasty a salad from Industry never fails.

Their sweet potatoes are the best I've ever tried tbh.

7. Honey Baby - Mad Egg

Comfort food at its finest.

The chicken from Mad Egg is the best in the game.

Forks at the ready, time to get munchin'!

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