Seven Smashing Dishes To Munch On This Week

*Stomach rumbles profusely*

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December is finally here and with that comes endless meet-ups with friends and family.

After a long year, you finally have some free time to have a catch-up with the ones you've missed dearly. Doing so involves picking a kick-ass venue with delicious food.

Well, you've come to the right place.

Here's seven sensational dishes for you to try over the festive season - one for each day of the week!

1. The Black Box - Box Burger

Box Burger has back moved into its usual spot in Eatyard and we are beyond happy about it.

Yuleyard has arrived and it's a savage place to nip into for a nibble and a pint, or maybe even a boozy hot chocolate.

The Black Box Burger needs to be tried on your next visit, made from beef and Clonakilty Black Pudding, American cheddar, sauteed onions, ketchup, mustard and mayo.


2. Tagliatelle Trento - Da Mimmo

Speck meat, wild mushrooms with a hint of truffle and extra virgin olive oil.

Da Mimmo is known for having some of the best truffles in Dublin. This pasta is fresh and full of flavour.

Would order again.

3. Christmas Donuts - Offbeat Donuts

We had a wonderfully festive delivery to the office last week - Christmassy donuts from Offbeat!

One of the cutest in the box was a Grinch donut.

We know a few people we could give this donut to...

4. Tuna Ponzu - Uno Mas

Uno Mas is the brand new spot opened by Etto and it's been getting rave reviews.

This is made from tuna, sesame, cucumber and ponzu.

5. Pizza - Isabelle's

We headed down to the brand new Isabelle's last week and we were very impressed.

The pizzas are cooked in a woodfired oven and have a unique flavour.

They have a Bolognese pizza on the menu, with a rich homemade ragu and a garlic crust, and a Black Fig & Gorgonzola pizza, the sweet fig providing a perfect balance to the rich and creamy cheese.

6. Christmas Sausage Roll - Love Supreme

Is there anything better than a sausage roll?

No. The answer is no...

UNLESS it's a Christmas flavoured sausage roll.

This wonderful creation is made up of Christmas turkey, ham and stuffing with cranberry dip.

7. Sharing Steak - Tomahawk

A feast and a half.

Think you could get through this all by yourself?

Don't forget to share your favourite dishes with us by using #LovinDublin.

Anyone else MARVIN after reading that?

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